A look at the numbers: outbreak at Pioneer Manor, party investigation

Public Health Sudbury & Districts is advising the public of potential high-risk exposure to COVID-19 to anyone who attended a Halloween party.

The agency says a party was held on at 955 Meadowside Avenue in Sudbury without the homeowner’s knowledge.

According to the release, anyone who attended the gathering is advised to immediately self-isolate, contact the agency and seek testing for COVID-19.

Public Health is also reporting an outbreak at Pioneer Manor in Greater Sudbury after an employee tested positive for COVID-19 with only the Lilac and Mallard Units affected by this outbreak.

A total of five new cases of COVID-19 are being reported all in the Greater Sudbury area on Wednesday.

And just this morning, the unit has reported four more case, three due to close contact, and one related to the outbreak.

All are in self-isolation.


Lawsuits and the pandemic

A group representing the families of people in long-term care homes is calling for major changes to the Ford government’s legislation that would protect some individuals and businesses from lawsuits related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bill 218, introduced in October, would provide liability protection to various businesses, non-profits and workers against COVID-19 exposure-related lawsuits.

But the coalition says the new law would make it extremely difficult to hold long-term care homes to account for deaths and illnesses in their facilities.

It says families would be forced to prove “gross negligence” in the courts, without the financial backing that the corporations have for legal assistance.

The government says anyone making an “honest effort” to follow public health guidelines would not be held liable…..but it would not excuse those who didn’t act in good faith to protect those in their care.


Benefits are not permanent

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says we shouldn’t see the latest benefits being paid to workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as permanent.

During a virtual event hosted by the Financial Times, Trudeau said current supports may not be useful once the pandemic ends.

Currently, the federal government has put in place a program providing 500-dollars a week to those whose jobs have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak…..it’s to last until next summer.

But Trudeau says those supports can’t be seen as permanent changes to the social safety net.

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