A yurt of a different kind

It’s a GoFundMe of a different kind … to build a homeschool from a Mongolian Yurt in Massey.

Kendra Rogers & Stacie Minten, the directors of Pinecone Academy are raising funds to purchase a schoolhouse for the upcoming 2021-22 school year to provide homeschooling.

Rogers says the Mongolian Yurt will provide the opportunity for nature-based learning for children to encourage education and respond to the gap in education throughout the pandemic.

She says the goal is to create a year-round homeschool pod for up to ten children ranging from pre-kindergarten to Grade one.

Minton adds the yurt is expected to last 20 years and is extremely weather-resistant, which is suitable for the climate in the north.

The goal is to raise $20,000.

“The majority of our day will be spent in our Outdoor Classroom, but we will require an indoor teaching space that will feature a 26’ yurt purchased locally by Groovy Yurts. Funds will also cover the preparation of land, platform, shipping, setup/labour and a wood-burning stove for warmth during the winter months,” adds Minten.

“The Pinecone Academy believes that encouraging a relationship with and learning in a natural environment is an essential experience and beneficial to a child’s health and overall development,” explains Rogers. “We are passionate about supporting homeschooling families by providing an inclusive space for a holistic approach to learning, socializing, arts/crafts, stem activities and environmental exploration three days a week.”

“We love the traditions and symbolism that are intertwined in this work of art! The roof rafters, the orientation of the door and the painted symbols are examples of the alchemy and magic in this structure,” explains Minton. “For Mongolians, the traditional “ger” is a representation of the universe, the toono (dome) that connects with the sky and the spirits is supported by two bagaans (central posts) that represent the woman and the man who equally support the universe. In our opinion, this provides a beautiful and rich learning environment.

“We believe this project will have an immeasurable impact on outdoor learning, provide an additional resource for local homeschooling parents, and can be a safe and inclusive place for young children to build skills and form friendships within the community,” concludes Rogers.

To make a donation, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-pine-cone-academy-purchase-a-schoolhouse

PHOTO: The fundraising for a unique homeschool, The Pinecone Academy in Massey, is underway. The proponents Kendra Rogers & Stacie Minten say they have raised just over $3,600 so far. Photo provided by Pinecone Academy.

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