Black Lives Matter rally and walk planned for Espanola

A small group of people in Espanola is hosting a Black Lives Matter rally and walk in Espanola.
One of the organizers, Andrew Mercer, says police have already indicated they will be present while the rally is held and the group plans to follow COVID-19 guidelines.
Mercer says while their message is one of inclusion, it also acknowledges that racism does exist and must be overcome for society to work together for the common good.
He adds it is also in memory of George Floyd, a black man who died last week in the U. S.
Floyd’s death has prompted peaceful protests and riots throughout the States and a police officer has been charged with third-degree murder.
The rally begins at 1:00 pm at Espanola’s town hall.
Mercer says the advocates want to spend the afternoon sharing a message of peace followed by a walkabout town starting at 6:00 pm from the town office, down Highway Six, to Second Avenue, down Mead Boulevard to Tudhope and then back to town hall.
He adds anyone wanting to join in is more than welcome to help spread the message of peace.

Elliot Lake woman runs for inclusion
Meanwhile an Elliot Lake woman is advocating a message of peace following the riots in the United States following the death of George Floyd.
Katia Ferderber runs every day, but this week she has been sharing the Black Lives Matter message of peace painted on her clothes and her body while out in the community.
Ferderber who is Indigenous and living in Elliot Lake, has spent most of her life in Toronto and has seen the racism first hand.
She says people have to understand it is here in Canada.
She adds running allows her to share the message in a positive way in hopes that people can educate themselves about the problems that exist, then support the causes and people who deal with racism every day.
Ferderber says her message is simple … Racism is here on Canadian soil. Don’t ignore it anymore. If you see it, don’t be a coward, say something.


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