Blind River council looking at buying and selling lands

Blind River council is looking at buying, selling and rezoning various municipal properties.

Council discussed a survey focusing on properties submitted by Tulloch Engineering Planner Kevin Jarus. He says the report provides a summary of the properties recommended for pre-zoning including an implementation plan and the next steps to completing the zoning by-law amendments of certain municipally owned lands.

He adds the town owns properties which do not provide any benefit to the municipality and may be better suited for private ownership adding those properties to its surplus land registry.

He says land may be resold, if council decides, for economic development opportunities, housing supply and reducing municipal costs relating to maintenance of properties as part of its options.

Jarus adds the review was undertaken to make council aware of its holdings and how it can deal with its land as part of a town-wide view of overall landholdings when it comes to development in the future.

Council will review the report and discuss its options at future meetings.

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