Cambrian College: new bridge between graduates and jobs

Helping graduates find work is the focus of a new initiative by Cambrian College.

Ross Romano, the Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities announced the New Grad Career Bridge, which is designed to assist Cambrian graduates in landing their first job in their chosen field.

College President Bill Best says the program will help students prepare for the workforce and literally bridge the gap between graduation and the first day of work.

The New Grad Career Bridge initiative has several key goals:

  • Develop, improve, and expand new graduates’ abilities to bridge into the workforce following the completion of their programs at Cambrian College.
  • Increase the number of employers already active in the program while also launching a career matching platform to connect graduates with employers locally, provincially and nationally who can offer immediate employment opportunities.
  • Engage communities where Indigenous and international populations reside with the aim to improve their transition into the workforce.

“This new initiative could really be the game-changer in how students choose where they go for their post-secondary education,” adds Bill Best, President of Cambrian College.
For more information on the New Grad Career Bridge, visit

PHOTO: Ross Romano, the Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, says the New Grad Career Bridge is designed to ensure that Cambrian graduates have every option available to start a successful career and land that essential first job in their chosen field. Photo supplied by Cambrian College


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