All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

What Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Needs Is A ‘Brain Guard’ Named Bill

“Justin my lad, my name’s Bill and I’m here to help.”“You’re going to help me win a fourth term?”“No, I said my name was Bill not God Almighty.”“I don’t get it.”“Sadly, son, there’s a Sahara Desert full of stuff you … Continue reading

The British Game Of ‘Silly Bugger’ Is Going Internationally Viral

The English rock band The Bus Station Loonies had a hit song “Playing Silly Bugger” about people and politicians acting the fool in the face of serious events.Once played exclusively by people like Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp, the game … Continue reading

Billionaires Rocket Into The Great Beyond! Sadly, They Keep Returning To Earth.

All of a sudden we are witnessing a brace of billionaires puttering around in space. First Richard Branson aboard Virgin Orbit rocketed into the ionosphere and nine days later Jeff Bezos followed on Blue Origin. At least six other members … Continue reading

The Only Good News From The 2021 Election Post Mortem Is That Nobody Actually Died

Federal Election 2021 was like ‘Christmas in September’ in which nobody got what they wanted. Erin O’Toole looked like the kid Santa knew to be more nice than naughty, but then he went all ‘wishy washy’ and blew that image. … Continue reading

Now ‘The Nervous Nellies’ Of Decision Making — We’ve Lost That Ol’ Gut Feeling.

With thousands of sources of information available at the click of a digital device to help us make decisions these days, we’ve lost that first thought instinct. There used to be a voice of reason that lurked in the back … Continue reading

The Election — Unnecessary, Uninspiring And Just Plain Ugly

Remember when Canadian elections were fun? The cutting cartoons, the gossip, the gaffes, the babies who would not be kissed? This expensive, unnecessary and possibly dangerous election is about as far from fun a plebiscite can get. Canadians seldom vote … Continue reading

Oh, The Irony Of It All!

You had to know that when a helicopter crashed near Brantford after clipping a power line and then landed on… Powerline Road, we were in for a wild ride of ironic shenanigans over these past few weeks. The 35-year-old female … Continue reading

Election Referendum Question: “Should Litterers Be Put To Death?”

Let’s say you’re a litterer and you’re reading this column. Let me re-phrase that. Let’s say you’re a litterer and somebody is reading this column to you while you sit with a pail at your feet to catch the drool … Continue reading

Espanola Council Delving Into Splash Pad Project

I have been fighting off the publisher of the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die who wants to list my garden in their upcoming edition at Number Three!!! They must have photographed my 200-square foot vegetable plot with … Continue reading

Canada Did Us Proud At “The Never Should Have Been” Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games which should never have been held, were, and you know what — they turned out to be pretty good. The games could have been dubbed “The Survival of The Luckiest Olympics” because despite unprecedented heat … Continue reading