All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Pranks That Turned The Tables On Radio Hosts

In 1995 the Queen of England had a very serious 17-minute phone conversation with Jean Chretien about the possibility of Quebec breaking away from Canada. The Queen was against it. Prime Minister Jean Chretien was confused. Okay, more confused than … Continue reading

Advice To Americans Travelling Abroad – Pretend To Be Canadian.

Apparently Americans are loud, arrogant and poorly dressed. Oh, – and they’re fat too. That revelation came from American journalist Jayne Clark in her lifestyle article: “That ‘ugly American’ image is getting a makeover guide.” According to Wikipedia “Ugly American” … Continue reading

Canada – A Coast To Coast Comedy Show

My most recent survey of coast-to-coast Canadian calamities reveals that the rest of this country may in fact be just as screwed up as Ontario! If you’ve been following the machinations at Premier Doug Ford’s White House … sorry, Queen’s … Continue reading

Misheard, Misread, But It’s Still A “Wunderfilled Wurld.”

There’s an awful lot of stuff going straight over my head these days. Yesterday I was listening to the radio and the last item on the noon news is that Hasbro, the US toy and board game giant just received … Continue reading

As The Temperature Drops So Does Our IQs

I swear it’s the dead of winter that bring out the chillingly strange. Last month’s weirdness began with a newspaper article about a horrible car bombing near police cadet barracks in Bogota, Columbia. Police blamed the rebel group National Liberian … Continue reading

ESAA – Emotional Support Animal Absurdity

Today’s flight attendant must feel like Noah of the Ark – animals boarding one after the other taking their places on and under the seats. Dogs, cats, rabbits and pork belly pigs – all of which their owners claim to … Continue reading

Canada – The World’s New Rodney Dangerfield

Have you noticed that in the last seven months, Canada has been getting kicked around on the world stage like a beat-up soccer ball at the feet of global bullies? Well, we have. Like everything that is foul and requires … Continue reading

Monday – Running Errands In The New, Not Normal World

So it’s a drab and dreary Monday, a good day to run errands. I’m still puzzled about spotting the Canada Post rural delivery truck going from mailbox to mailbox yesterday! Sunday! I thought Canada Post was working to rule and … Continue reading

1993 “The War On The Private Part

John Wayne Bobbitt – he of the cruelest cut of all time – is back in the news again. Last month ABC News aired an exclusive interview with the Niagara Falls, New York native on the investigative series “20/20”. It … Continue reading

Sure-Fire Signs Your Nun Has A Gambling Problem

True or false? President Donald Trump shut down the United States government after claiming on camera that he would take full responsibility for shutting down the government and is now blaming the Democrats for shutting down the government. A man … Continue reading