All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Last Man Standing! But Barely.

It was a sunny and warm summer afternoon when a van pulled into my driveway with two people I did not recognize. I had not seen Justin Colavincenzo and his mother Jocelyn for many, many years. Great people and trusted … Continue reading

Travel Signs Are Signs Of Trouble

Did you ever think reading a travel brochure would be more entertaining than taking the tour itself? This spotted on the pamphlet of a car rental agency in Japan: “When passenger of foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet … Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto Is Now A Fishing Expedition

I may not be much of a fisherman, but I love the idea of bait. The concept of “bait cars” began in the United States a dozen years ago and is now popular among police forces in Canada, mainly in … Continue reading

KFC – A Secret Recipe Love Story

Last Mother’s Day, Kentucky Fried Chicken released a steamy romance novella: Tender Wings Of Desire. They described it as a “brief escape from motherhood into the arms of your fantasy Colonel.” Said KFC’s director: “The only thing better than being … Continue reading

The Haliburton Dump, A Stinking Pile Of Professionalism

I remember vacationing in Haliburton, Ontario as a young boy and every Saturday night we’d pile into the car to watch bears eat their way through the town dump. Other carloads of people would be gathered there as well, with … Continue reading

San Miguel – Hiking In The Land Of Swollen Udders

I recently returned from a hiking holiday around the island of San Miguel of the eastern Azores group in the middle of the Atlantic, thought by scholars to be the last remnants of the ‘Lost Continent of Atlantis.’ First let … Continue reading

Food and contract killings equal life without parole

Toronto Star reporter Peter Edwards covers Canadian organized crime with an easy, elegant and suspenseful style of writing. Both his newspaper features and his books are of the “must read” and “can’t put it down” genre. He also has a … Continue reading

Ah Fishing – The Rod, The Reel And That Worm Named “Lewis”

The last time I went fishing was 20 years ago on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario. Walking into town from Gordon’s Lodge to get a newspaper, I crossed a small bridge where an American was fly-fishing in four feet of … Continue reading

Sex With Machines – It’s Already Here.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! No, wait! The Russians are already here. Having successfully blackmailed Donald Trump and rigged the presidential election in his favour, the Russians are so emboldened that they now have 150 operatives in … Continue reading

The Stinkin’ Rich Are Freakin’ Nutso!

There are the very rich, like actors, rock stars, professional athletes and that eye doctor in Toronto who billed our Ontario Health Insurance Plan a staggering $6.6 million last year but hasn’t been charged and cannot be named because he … Continue reading