Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ Column – Taxes shouldn’t be any harder to file

Tax season is upon us and for people who aren’t connected to the internet or comfortable using it as a method of filing their forms the process has become increasingly difficult.  Even getting paper forms has become more of a … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Budget was designed to sound good

The quick analysis of this year’s budget was that it read like an election platform that was long on statements of intent, but short on details.  Whether it was, gender equity, pharmacare, or even cracking down on tax cheats, the … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Women’s equality makes sense and dollars

International Women’s Day, celebrated every March 8th, has a long history with roots in the suffrage movement and socialist politics.   It is fair to say that in the hundred plus years the day has been observed, the circumstances of a … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – We can end homelessness in Canada

In a country as rich and resourceful as Canada no one should be left without a roof over their head, but that is exactly what is happening in far too many of our communities and the Situation is only getting … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Colten Boushie case has many questioning how far we have come

Progress never takes a straight line and the road to a better future is often punctuated by set-backs which can be disheartening and make it seem as though little has changed at all.  For many, that has been the case … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Consumers deserve the best protection but don’t always get it.

One constant in our northern lives is a reliance on fuel for energy.  Some of us still heat with oil and most drive gas-powered vehicles which keep us keenly aware of the fluctuations in the price of fuel.  We know … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Monitoring the situation isn’t good enough when pensions hang in the balance

My last column explored the potential for the government to use the existing Old Age Security lists to ensure that everyone who should be receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement is doing so.  It is a simple solution to a problem … Continue reading

Carol Hughes Column – Automation of GIS Should Extend To All Seniors

The government has some work to do if it wants to convince Canadians they share the same concerns most people have about pensions.  In the last year they allowed the Sears pension plan to remain underfunded as that company liquidated … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Superior caribou a case study in more ways than one

Anyone familiar with the plight of woodland caribou on Michipicoten Island will know that the animals have been threatened to the point that their future is very much in doubt.  While there have been opportunities to preserve the herd in … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – No place for racially charged politics in mainstream Canada

Senator Lynn Beyak was jettisoned from the Conservative Caucus recently after spending the better part of a year defending  intolerant statements aimed at First Nations – many of whom she ostensibly represents.   The move was made after leadership in the … Continue reading