Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 200807

Gravity is such a wonderful thing.  It is one of the only things in the universe that we can truly count on to be there and act with a predictable, consistent, known force.  Since the very dawn of time, we … Continue reading

Buffalo Takes Yet Another Kick In The Butt

In their desperate, last-minute search for a temporary home, the Toronto Blue Jays looked like that big dumb dog at the Humane Society, the one everybody adores but nobody wants to adopt. Nobody wanted the Jays after being rejected by … Continue reading

Local Adventures

Local Adventures As a result of COVID-19, most people have been keeping their travels local this summer – which sounds good to me! Local travel has a much smaller impact on mother earth than lengthy trips in the car or … Continue reading


RECIPE If you know me, then you will know that this recipe isn’t mine. I cannot tolerate spicy food; but my friend who loves spicy food has highly recommended it for my column. Creamy potatoes with a bit of a … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s NFTP for 200731

I have an uncle that I love dearly who has always been extremely supportive, especially since I joined the world of politics.  He stays abreast of what’s happening in Algoma-Manitoulin in the news and comments on this weekly column from … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Why I (happily) wear a mask

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t much like wearing a mask.  They are uncomfortable and can be hot too, but the purpose they are meant to serve is compelling enough to make the exercise worthwhile.  What is difficult … Continue reading

From masks to the mindless-the world is moving from COVID to cuckoo bananas

Do I have this right? We are five months into the COVID-19 pandemic with almost 20 million cases worldwide, nearly a million people dead, not to mention a global economy on life support and we’re still debating the wearing of … Continue reading

Tuna Pasta Salad

Recipe I’ll confess, I’m hesitant to put tuna in dishes. My inner child thinks she doesn’t like it, but every time I do, I end up enjoying it. My son was coming home for a visit and I asked him … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 200724

As I write this week’s column, sitting here in my Queen’s Park office, it’s the day after the Conservatives declared the summer recess of the Ontario Legislature.  For only the second time in my career, I found myself in the … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Better outcomes across the board with people-first approach

The House of Commons was busy this week (July 20th) in part due to an arrangement New Democrats negotiated earlier in the summer to ensure sittings over the traditional break period.  The deal was struck so that MPs would be … Continue reading