If It Weren’t For Bad Luck, This Guy Would Have None At All

Lost: ten-year-old Endicott Beagle. Deaf, blind in one eye, missing front right paw. Comes when called to the name of ‘Lucky.’ (Yeah, but not right away, eh?) Dylan McWilliams is a lucky guy. Or to quote the 20-year-old outdoors man … Continue reading

Bacon Ranch Tortellini Salad

Recipe If there’s one thing that goes well with most favourite summertime mains, it’s pasta salad! You seriously can’t go wrong. A pasta salad is customizable, and easily scaled depending on how many people you are serving; it’s the perfect … Continue reading

Buster Bars

Recipe Are you trying to avoid using the oven because you don’t want to heat up the house any more than it already is? Or are you looking for a simple summer dessert? This layered frozen ice cream dessert is … Continue reading

July, National Cat Month, Remembers “Weggie And The Screen Door”

Weggie has just been inducted into that exclusive club of brainiacs known as Mensa. Normally, this elitist organization of intelligentsia only accepts people with the highest IQs in the world. My new cat Weggie qualified because he was able to … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – It’s easier than ever to buy local

It’s easier than ever to buy local We are lucky to live where eating locally means eating well, and including local produce makes our meals as delicious as possible. Most people who take advantage of this option feel fortunate to … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Nobody wins a trade war

Trade issues are at a boiling point as the United States instigates disputes across multiple sectors based on the notion of ‘America First’. After just a few weeks, the results have been nothing short of disastrous on both sides of … Continue reading


Recipe A crock pot can be your best friend not only when your days are busy but also when the summer temperatures make it too hot to turn on your oven. This recipe can be made with chicken breasts but … Continue reading

The Canada/U.S. War of Dirty Words

Shoe smugglers? Now President Donald Trump is calling us all a bunch of shoe smugglers!!! Trump is still going on and on about how Justin Trudeau stabbed him in the back while he was flying and fleeing from the G7 … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – In all of us command!

In all of us command! Recently, the English lyrics to Canada’s national anthem have changed , while polling tells us the move was supported by 58% of the population, it’s no secret that it isn’t popular with everyone.  The new … Continue reading

The Shelter Lady – And Other Cruel Big-Sister Tricks

Occasionally people will award me the highest compliment a humourist can hear as in: “You’re a pretty funny guy.” Inevitably, this is tempered with: “But you’re like, well, kinda screwed up. No offense.” Truth is, they’re probably right. But trust … Continue reading