Michael Mantha’s News from the Park

This week MPPs will return to Queen’s Park for the last leg of this session before the anticipated election that will be called for early June. I for one am ready to get back into the Legislature and Queen’s Park … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Colten Boushie case has many questioning how far we have come

Progress never takes a straight line and the road to a better future is often punctuated by set-backs which can be disheartening and make it seem as though little has changed at all.  For many, that has been the case … Continue reading

Things So Strange They Need To Be Numbered

Even with Sean Spicer gone, there are so many liars in the White House you need a program to keep track of them all. There are so many cheaters participating in the Olympics you need Russian numerals to list them … Continue reading

Spicy Oatmeal Cookies

Recipe Our favourite office baker makes us a treat every Thursday. The following recipe was our morning snack a couple weeks ago, and everyone loved them. Buttery oatmeal cookies with chewy coconut and the spice mix that everyone loves. She … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park

Like many Northerners, I’m definitely a 4-season person. That is to say, I love something about each of our seasons. In fact this is one of the best things about Algoma-Manitoulin. Winter, spring, summer and fall, with our hills, forests, … Continue reading

RECIPE CORRECTION: Double Peanut Butter Cookies

RECIPE CORRECTION: In the January 30th edition of the Around&About, the amount of flour listed in the Double Peanut Butter Cookies recipe should have read 1 ½ cups of flour NOT ½ cup of flour. We are rerunning the column … Continue reading

Here’s How You Know You’re In A Driverless Car

The driverless car is coming at us faster than Nick Nolte with the pedal to the metal and an open bottle of rum on the passenger seat. The AV or automated vehicle is truly a transportation revolution and one which … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Consumers deserve the best protection but don’t always get it.

One constant in our northern lives is a reliance on fuel for energy.  Some of us still heat with oil and most drive gas-powered vehicles which keep us keenly aware of the fluctuations in the price of fuel.  We know … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park

I am sure that I don’t have to remind you that Monday February 19th Ontarians celebrate Family Day. The holiday is celebrated on the third Monday each year. Ontarians work very hard to support their families and help our economy … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Monitoring the situation isn’t good enough when pensions hang in the balance

My last column explored the potential for the government to use the existing Old Age Security lists to ensure that everyone who should be receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement is doing so.  It is a simple solution to a problem … Continue reading