All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park

This week MPPs will return to Queen’s Park for the last leg of this session before the anticipated election that will be called for early June. I for one am ready to get back into the Legislature and Queen’s Park … Continue reading

Things So Strange They Need To Be Numbered

Even with Sean Spicer gone, there are so many liars in the White House you need a program to keep track of them all. There are so many cheaters participating in the Olympics you need Russian numerals to list them … Continue reading

Here’s How You Know You’re In A Driverless Car

The driverless car is coming at us faster than Nick Nolte with the pedal to the metal and an open bottle of rum on the passenger seat. The AV or automated vehicle is truly a transportation revolution and one which … Continue reading

… And You Thought You Had An Odd Job

As a high school student, I once had a summer job killing rattlesnakes as they slithered up to the conveyor belt at the Erie Peat Moss factory in Wainfleet. The women packaging the peat at the end of the line … Continue reading

No, I Am Not Obsessed With ‘The Weird.’ Am Not.

Because this column you’re reading is topically labelled “All The World’s A Circus” by some newspapers and “From The Land Of The Loony” by others – people jump to the conclusion that I’m obsessed with ‘the weird.’ Not so. It’s … Continue reading

The New Ice Age Cometh. How Cold Was That Snap?

It was the most bitter blast of freezing cold both in memory and in some record books. In New York City, snow, ice and high winds closed schools, subways, ferries and left furious passengers stranded on planes at JFK Airport … Continue reading

Trump – Predictions for 2018

Predicting the future of President Donald Trump should not be too difficult because he follows certain behaviour patterns that are constant and reliable. Like his sexual abuse of women, his bromance with Vlad “The Blackmailer “ Putin, his demeaning people … Continue reading

Tonya Harding – Famous For Being Infamous

Oh man, how I’ve missed Tonya Harding. But mourn no more because the hick chick with a thing for knee caps and pickup trucks is back with a vengeance … and a double axle to grind. Her biopic I Tonya … Continue reading

Gold Car – The Bottom Feeders Of Car Rentals

Not a good sign – long lines of people at all the other car rental booths but mine. Gold Car. The flight from Toronto to Funchal, Madeira with a stopover in Ponta Delgada, The Azores was a dream. Thank you … Continue reading

Why I Love Christmas And My Fellow Man

I really hate Christmas and all the bobble-head Jesus materialism it brings. I suggest we just eliminate Christmas shopping, have the retailers come to your house, rob you of $1,000 at gunpoint and leave a whole bunch of stuff you … Continue reading