All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Exactly How Fat Was That Cat

As they say, a photo’s worth a thousand pounds. I can’t get that picture in the newspaper out of my head. It was a cat snapshot that circled the world of media. Caption: “Fat Feline A Goliath Of Girth.” In … Continue reading

Beware Of Catty Song Lyrics. They Bite!

Whereas pop star Meghan Trainor is “all about da base, bout the base, no treble,” when it comes to listening to music, I’m all about the lyrics. Leonard Cohen’s Closing Time could well be a scene set in a rundown … Continue reading

Snowbirds Heading For Florida – Pack Ammo And Condoms

Right about now you’re getting ready for your annual migration to the Sunshine State. Maybe you’re still packing. Please understand, you can’t possibly be packing the way residents of Florida are packing. Case in point, behave yourself in movie theatres. … Continue reading

The Big Gulp

A few years back, I wrote about Mark Hatterer of York, Penn., who bravely went where few men have gone before: headfirst into a stinking septic tank. On purpose. But for a very good reason – to save the life … Continue reading

A Squawking Culmination of Collectives

I have always been fascinated by the terms used to describe groups of animals, birds and insects. Somebody put a lot of thought into these collective nouns like an army of ants, a shrewdness of apes and a troop of … Continue reading

The Beat the Clock Diet

New diets and weight-loss scams are still popping up with the frequency of nasty presidential tweets. Unfortunately they have the same results – SAD. There was the Wine & Egg Diet – one egg and one glass of white wine … Continue reading

Primates And People – They’re Smarter Than Us

There’s a brief but very telling video on the internet that explains a great deal of the chaos into which this world has descended. ‘Equal Pay For Monkeys – YouTube’ is a simple experiment conducted by primate expert Frans de … Continue reading

Skyrocketing Price Of Dental Work Creates Jobs For Amateur Dentists

We’ve got a kid in the family who has just been outfitted for braces. $6,000!!! Not a car, not a wedding, not a year at university. Braces!!! This ridiculous overcharging for basic health needs began about 15 years ago when … Continue reading

Last Man Standing! But Barely.

It was a sunny and warm summer afternoon when a van pulled into my driveway with two people I did not recognize. I had not seen Justin Colavincenzo and his mother Jocelyn for many, many years. Great people and trusted … Continue reading

Travel Signs Are Signs Of Trouble

Did you ever think reading a travel brochure would be more entertaining than taking the tour itself? This spotted on the pamphlet of a car rental agency in Japan: “When passenger of foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet … Continue reading