All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

America’s Medical Meltdown- The Wrong Doctors Are On TV

As COVID-19 rages across the United States, watching doctors on American TV trying to explain it away would make Marcus Welby puke! The three biggest contributors to America’s medical mess of misinformation are unqualified charlatans with great TV ratings. Although … Continue reading

Buffalo Takes Yet Another Kick In The Butt

In their desperate, last-minute search for a temporary home, the Toronto Blue Jays looked like that big dumb dog at the Humane Society, the one everybody adores but nobody wants to adopt. Nobody wanted the Jays after being rejected by … Continue reading

From masks to the mindless-the world is moving from COVID to cuckoo bananas

Do I have this right? We are five months into the COVID-19 pandemic with almost 20 million cases worldwide, nearly a million people dead, not to mention a global economy on life support and we’re still debating the wearing of … Continue reading

WE Charity And The Trudeaus–Have Fame And Will Profit

Looking back and okay, gloating–I might just be that stable genius Trump keeps laying claim to or at least one smooth-talking SOB because–I got both Margaret Trudeau and Alexandre Trudeau to speak at my event…for $250 a piece!!! Caught in … Continue reading

Presidential Humour–A Precious Thing Of The Past

So very few presidents of the United States have displayed a good sense of humour. Besides integrity and intelligence, a good sense of humour is the most personal asset a politician can possess. (Imagine an angry Donald Trump stomping to … Continue reading

So long Sparky–the mechanical mutt is scratching at the backdoor.

So your current dog can sit, roll over and give a paw? How boring. Your next dog will be able to do a double flip, dance the tango on his front legs and fist bump the UPS guy after signing … Continue reading

Pro Sport Nicknames Are Important And Silly

Nicknames are not real names. For example Tesla’s Elon Musk and his girlfriend (no known first name) Grimes just had a baby girl. Did they name her Ellen after him or Grimmy after her or the bull terrier in the … Continue reading

Tearing Down Statues–But Where Will All The Pigeons Poop?

Seriously, toppling centuries-old historic icons is wrong. Film footage of an angry mob in Bristol, England wrapping ropes around the neck of Edward Colston and hauling him to the ground was ever so revealing. First of all it was heartening … Continue reading

As We Open Things Up, I Will Miss The Shutting Down

A friend emailed me a photo of Clint Eastwood, a still shot I recognized from the movie Gran Torino in which his character, the perpetually-pissed off Walt Kowalski is sitting on his porch, draining a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon … Continue reading

This Whole COVID-19 Mess Could Be Going To The Dogs

So with President Donald Trump still trying to play a doctor on TV and Ontario opening everything up but still woefully behind in testing, with half of the public still not wearing masks and park partyers in Toronto using the … Continue reading