All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

This Whole COVID-19 Mess Could Be Going To The Dogs

So with President Donald Trump still trying to play a doctor on TV and Ontario opening everything up but still woefully behind in testing, with half of the public still not wearing masks and park partyers in Toronto using the … Continue reading

Lies, Scams And Snake Oil Cures Are Spreading Faster Than The Virus

As we prematurely open up our economy, thereby risking a second and more deadly wave, it’s important to remain optimistic. I mean look at all the businesses that are thriving in this new and very nervous COVID-19 world–home wine delivery, … Continue reading

If the Titanic went down today

So I’m reading Titanic–A Survivor’s Story written by  Colonel Archibald Gracie and published mere months after the “unsinkable ship” hit an iceberg near midnight on April 14, 1912.  In the dark hours that followed the collision, the ship broke apart, … Continue reading

COVID Q&A. If It’s Not The ‘How’ Then It’s The ‘Why.’ And The Answer’s Probably ‘Whatever.’

Two months into government-ordered house arrest and I’m wondering…why does a hot shower feel better than ever? A clean T-shirt like a fresh second skin? Why are my fingernails growing faster than grass and the grass is greener than a … Continue reading

Flattening The Curve And Stretching The Silver Lining

As the sadistically invisible coronavirus clouds still circle the globe in varying degrees of destructiveness, you gotta look on the bright side. Sometimes the darker the menacing shadow, the brighter the silver lining. Sure, MLB shut down and we can’t … Continue reading

The Odd, The Obscene And The Unforeseen–COVID-19

My supermarket moment. As I walk through the automatic doors at Sobey’s in Dunnville, a kid steps into my path. I throw out my hands thinking he’s going to sanitize me. I’m also thinking…I’m the one wearing the mask. Shouldn’t … Continue reading

“Lying in bed, just like Brian Wilson did.”- Barenaked Ladies

You can’t throw a stick without hitting…a wall. Okay, so that analogy does not work in quarantine. You can’t turn the page of a newspaper without spotting at least one article on how to cope with the negative impact the … Continue reading

As We Flatten The COVID Curve, The Learning Curve Keeps Rising

As we stumble our way through this death dance with an aggressive and invisible partner we are–all of us, doctors, nurses, leaders and cooped-up civilians–learning on the fly. It’s not easy to grasp a situation of which so much is … Continue reading

Time To Inquire About The IQ Of The Elephant In The Room Next Door

As late as Thursday, March 27th, the White House still had a plan in place to deploy military troops along our shared border in order to keep Canadians from entering the United States. By that date New York State registered … Continue reading

As the evil COVID-19 spreads it’s venom, the comedy continues.

Is it “self-isolation” or “self-containment”?  Is he really The President or just great entertainment? Stay six feet apart and don’t touch your face. Take all this seriously or it’s “shelter in place”!   So I’m doing as I’m told and … Continue reading