All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Trump Can’t Win The Election, But He Might Be Able To Steal It

Two recent statements by President Donald Trump that need not be fact checked are: “This is the most important election in the history of our country” and “This will be the most corrupt election in US history.” Tuesday, November 3rd, … Continue reading

A Stable Of Horses And A Gaggle Of Geese – My Worst Audience Ever!

So I get an email from Patricia of the Canadian Consortium On Neurodegeneration In Aging inviting me to be the guest speaker at their October 15th National Conference. My first thought was that these medical minds must be studying the … Continue reading

Out-Of-The-Box Entrepreneurism Thrives Amid The Pandemic Chaos

With the economy’s hands tied behind its back, entrepreneurs are entrepreneuring like never before. There’s already an app to track the COVID-19 virus with an app to test it on the way. There are kits to grow green vegetables at … Continue reading

Billionaires! Never Have So Few Amassed So Much… Of Our Money

A billion dollars is a thousand million dollars and comes with – count them – nine zeroes: $1,000,000,000. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit seven months ago the world’s finances have been flipped upside down. Casually, government’s have been throwing the … Continue reading

COVID Confusion – our Snowbirds are flying west not south this winter!

“In the big dysfunctional family that is the United States of America, Florida is the strange uncle who drives on a suspended license, is a little too comfortable with his own nudity, and is more likely than any other relative … Continue reading

All The News That’s Fit To Entertain And Kill

Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Is a wonderfully funny one hour program that airs on National Public Radio in the US on weekends. The show presents an odd, but intelligent take on that week’s news using celebrity guests and a … Continue reading

A Nutty Gardener I May Be. But Naked? No!

After my column about becoming a lunatic, novice gardener appeared in this space last month I received several congratulatory emails along the lines of joining an exclusive club of people who love gazing at filthy fingernails and dirty, soil-stained knees. … Continue reading

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign. Blocking Out The Scenery, Breaking My Mind

So said the Five Man Electric Band, prophetically. As civil disobedience sweeps across America and spills over into Canada, as toxic politics paralyze the United States and creep into our elections–I am seeing more hand-held protest signs than ever before. … Continue reading

I’d Like To Be, Under The Sea, Just My Dresser Drawer Garden And Me — Beatles Minus The Octopus.

Here’s why I love the Internet and how it works spectacularly…on occasion and by accident. I Google “A Woman Walking In A Garden” because I’m planning on attending the Van Gogh exhibit in Toronto where it is being safely presented … Continue reading

How Hot Was July? We Lost The Weather Channel To A Wildfire!

Have you noticed it’s been a tad warm this summer? According to Environment Canada, July was the hottest month in Ontario since they began keeping records 84 years ago. Whereas normally we might suffer through the heat and humidity of … Continue reading