All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

An Invite. A Respite. I’m In Flight. Alright… Doris!

Recently I received an invitation to speak at the Out Loud Author Series in Turner Valley/Black Diamond, Alberta. This is a small but very prestigious festival near Calgary that attracts some very notable Canadians from the world of music and … Continue reading

Esports – The New Cash Career For Kids

If you’re over 50 and reading this, you better sit down. No, not on the couch. Sit over there in the corner on an uncomfortable chair and be prepared to be confused. You know how your parents told you to … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 18-09-07

While I have never claimed to be an artist or have any particular artistic skills, any lack of my own artistic talents has never prevented me from appreciating the creativity of others. A society’s arts – be they visual, musical, … Continue reading

Rappers Insulting Rappers – None Too Subtle

So Canadian rapper Drake had to reschedule his August tour with the American band Migos when band member Offset (that is his name, not an imbalance issue) was arrested in Georgia. Offset is facing four charges – two for gun … Continue reading

Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Program – Horny Birds And Honey Bees

So Doug Ford, the man Fox News is reporting to be the long-lost, illegitimate son of Donald Trump and the female Russian wrestler, Natalia Kuznetsova (go ahead, it’s well worth a Google!), is scrapping Ontario’s modern sex ed curriculum and … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Making housing a right would push government to address shortage

An open letter to the Prime Minister is highlighting Canada’s housing shortage and challenging the government to take a new approach to the problem.  The letter, signed by over 170 organizations and prominent Canadians urged the Prime Minister to follow … Continue reading

North Or South – What Kind Of Guy Are You?

I just spent four glorious days with my buddy Steve Latinovich at his cottage near Barry’s Bay, Ontario. We fished, we cooked, we clinked lots of glasses and in between we pretended to fix a few things. We solved all … Continue reading

The Secret To Do-It-Yourself Home Repair

Look helpless. Act Reckless. Get out of the way! I greatly admire men who are good with their hands. I stand in awe of these purveyors of sump pumps, the repairers of appliances, the restorers of furniture, the lamp fixers, … Continue reading

Gallows Humour From The Past That Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

Gallows humour is back with a vengeance. Trump started it during the campaign when he boasted: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters…” Not funny, but having survived more scandal … Continue reading

Sick? Tasteless? Shocking? Okay. Now It’s A Movie.

At the heart of all great humour is pain not joy. John Callahan of Portland Oregon knew both: first the pain of losing the use of his lower body in a drunken car accident and then strangely, the joy of … Continue reading