All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Barbecuing – Man’s Failed Search For Identity

It has always been thought that men began cooking outdoors as suburban living crept across North America in the 1940s and 1950s. It was, they said, an act to assert men’s masculinity. No, sorry. Men barbecue because it’s in our … Continue reading

Suddenly, Spring Is The New Winter

I think I lost my spring cleaning list … in a snowbank. Cold, cloudy, rainy, foggy, damp, drizzly and whatever the meteorological term for ‘blah’ is, this spring has given us an inkling of what it would be like to … Continue reading

At The Roundabout, Does The Bar Stool Yield To The La-Z-Boy?

Thanks to Uber, Lift share and driverless vehicles, man’s love affair with his car is coming to a close. However, like everything else he touches, man is determined to end this relationship with a bang… and a crash and probably … Continue reading

Once In A While The Wild Things Win

So I’m flipping around channels on my TV in Las Palmas, Spain last month trying to find news in English and no less than six networks were broadcasting bull fighting. It was Sunday of course, that special day of the … Continue reading

In Others’ Words – The Cat

Dog to horse, bat to rat, no pets are more quotable than the cat. For a pet that does not speak or bark, the body of written work attributed to the domesticated cat is ponderous. Everybody, it seems, has an … Continue reading

How Ontario Libraries Can Survive “Doug The Knife”

Today’s local library hardly resembles yesterday’s book-borrowing depot. The books are still there along with CDs, DVDs, computers with free Internet, newspapers and magazines, the copy machine and a slew of programs for kids and adults alike. Constantly adjusting to … Continue reading

Going By The Numbers, April Was A Big Fat Zero

Thirty days has September, April was a freakin’ mess. If last month was any indicator, numerically speaking we are headed for hell in a driverless car and nobody is allowed to touch the brakes. Just when you thought Boston Bruins–5, … Continue reading

Perched In The Cat-Bird Seat On Gran Canaria Island

So I bought a ticket to Las Palmas on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria because I’d never been there before. I rented a small, second-floor apartment with a balcony over the boardwalk of a strip of beach called Las … Continue reading

I Challenge You, Dan Patakfalvi To A Ferret-Legging Duel!

So Dan, who still thinks he’s my brother-in-law is a fairly competitive guy. As am I. Decent athletes in our day, our get-togethers usually involved games like bocce, darts, eight ball, pepper baseball or unsuccessfully betting on horses. We used … Continue reading

“Ontario–A Place To Grow” What?!? My Ideas Were Better!

Right about now premier Doug Ford is revealing his much-anticipated new license plate slogan for Ontario’s passenger vehicles. It’s a given that the new tagline for commercial vehicles will be: “Ontario – Open for Business.” I’m anxious to see how … Continue reading