All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

And That Was Just Last Week!

As a reader of several newspapers, it’s always a good week for me when items jump off the page and require second takes. “No Frills celebrates ‘swagger’ with clothes.” This article announced that the discount grocery chain will be launching … Continue reading

The Stalkers Guide For Dummies

Celebrity stalkers seem to be upping their game these days. Last month, 26-year-old Bruce Rowley robbed a bank in Ansonia, Connecticut and then drove to pop star Taylor Swift’s mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island where he threw the $1,600 loot … Continue reading

Baseball – Best Professional Sport In The Category Of Humour

I’m a happy guy now that baseball season has begun and the Blue Jays are back in town. I’m also greatly relieved that the trading deadline has passed. No other institution generates a stronger example of horsetrading than the world … Continue reading

A Lawn Sale Right Here On Paper

So, let’s say you read in this newspaper that I’m having a lawn sale. All of a sudden that’s you, coming up my driveway at seven in the morning when the ad clearly stated a start time of 8:30 am. … Continue reading

A Study In Male Behaviour – Duh!!!

Every time a body washes up on the shores of a country in the Western Hemisphere, I wonder if it’s Kenny. I still have the clipping about Ken’s great adventure from a real newspaper, not the kind that shouts “Elvis … Continue reading

Trump And Mueller – The Interview Of The Century

Robert Mueller the special counsel assigned to investigate cooperation and collusion between Russian and Don Trump’s 2016 election campaign wants to interview the president. President Trump has been adamant about two things. First he has stated on dozens of occasions … Continue reading

Message To Aging To Baby Boomers – Don’t!

Spring is meant to make us feel young again. Dandelions, a symbol of resurrection. The nesting of birds, a sign of rebirthing. Me? My back aches from pulling those damn weeds and cleaning bird crap off my windows. I feel … Continue reading

Odds And Ends And Words That Wound

This just in … after trying to help PC Leader, ex-Leader, Wannabe Leader Again Patrick Brown’s political career, Russia has issued a statement saying they’re getting out of the business of rigging elections, for good! From Britain where, as it … Continue reading

Dealing With Bell And Fighting Through Wireless Hell

I did not bite on Bell’s initial offer of their new fiber optics service when they introduced it to my neighbourhood a few years ago. Way too expensive. But recently I heard about a $100 per month offer and called … Continue reading

Sure Signs The Doc At Your Door Is A Quack

“A lot of guys think the bigger a woman’s breasts are, the less intelligent she is. I don’t think it works that way. I think the larger a woman’s breasts are, the less intelligent the men become.” – Comedienne Anita … Continue reading