All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Oh, The Lies We Tell… Are Spreading Like A Virus?

You realize the extent to which human beings have a problem with truth when the list of the types of lies we tell totals eight — from error and omission to exaggeration and fabrication with deception, denial, restructuring and minimization … Continue reading

Undergoing The Knife — The Musical

I’m scheduled for an invasive medical procedure next week and although it’s a tad too personal to elaborate on, I just hope the doctor uses something smaller than a 35mm. camera! Also, a flashbulb would be an excellent idea because … Continue reading

First There Was ‘Fake Art’. Then ‘Fake News’. Now Deepfake

Since dwarfed by Citizen Kane, this strange and fascinating film was shot on Ibiza, a Balearic Island off Barcelona. It was about that time I was backpacking around Europe and holed up on tiny Formentera. About once a week I’d … Continue reading

Puppy Sales And Dognapping Win Recent Headline Wars

If you only read recent newspaper headlines… “Man Sits In Bean Dip For 24 Hours To Promote Restaurant”… you might think… “Couple Caught With Rattlesnake, Uranium And Whiskey In Stolen Car”… that the whole bloody world… “Man In India Killed … Continue reading

Village Surrounded, Landmark Lost — Down Comes “The Dainer.”

Down comes The Dain City Tavern, for a century the landmark of this little hamlet just south of Welland previously known as Airline Junction for the train brakes it produced and later Welland Junction for the city that swallowed it … Continue reading

Edmonton’s ‘Heritage Classic’ —The Best NHL Outdoor Game – EVER!!!

Last month the NHL staged its 30th annual outdoor hockey game at Lake Tahoe between the Colorado Rockies and the Vegas Golden Knights. After starting at 3 p.m. the game had to be postponed until midnight because the desert sun … Continue reading

Pandemic Shenanigans – The Good. The Bad. The Booze Fairies

So far COVID-19 and its evil twin B.I.I.7 have spread to 200 countries, infected 110 million people, caused 2.5 million deaths, spawned at least a half dozen vaccines, levelled at least six heads of state, rocked the world economy, seen … Continue reading

Connaught Labs — The Greatest Mistake Ever Made By a Canadian Government.

I used to think that scuttling the Avro Arrow project in 1959 by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was the worst decision ever made by a Canadian federal government. Built by A. V. Roe Canada Ltd. and designed by the Royal … Continue reading

The COVID-19 vaccination — For Me, A Jab Not Well Done.

After spending the month of December running away from Christmas music, I spent January dodging the “jab.” Everybody — from England’s first senior to the first black vice-president of the United States, from the oldest person to the youngest to … Continue reading

Better Voters Produce Better Leaders — “The Ballot Box Test.”

In the recent US election, 74 million citizens voted for a racist, pathological liar who still has most of them convinced that a perfectly good election has been fraudulently stolen by the Democrats. In Canada’s fall election of 2019, more … Continue reading