All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Canada’s “All The Colours Of The Rainbow Election.”

From blackface to a red butt, Canadians are about to go to the polls in an election that boasts every colour in the rainbow with an awful lot of gray areas in between. If elections could be sponsored, this one … Continue reading

Your Dog’s Stomach–”The Museum of Un-Natural History.”

Not so many years from now after the earth has been destroyed by floods, wild fires, pestilence and…please see the Bible for the complete list of violent end-of-the-world options. They will then begin a massive archeological dig to discover who … Continue reading

Haggling – I Used To Be One Of The Best!

One recent newspaper article I need not have read was titled: “The Art of Haggling.” That’s because there was a time in my life that I considered myself one of the world’s best barterers. I came by it naturally, living … Continue reading

Canada–’Apologies R Us.’

Police in Summerside, Prince Edward Island had a warning for locals this past summer–quit being so polite! Apparently so many drivers were yielding to other motorists and waving them on ahead, a rash of fender benders broke out on city … Continue reading

Could Canadian Politics Stoop To The Level Of American “Nasty?”

Campaign 2019 has barely begun and already Canadian politics have taken a very vulgar turn. In Mississauga members of the National Citizens Alliance accosted MPP Gurratan Singh with insults about Sharia law and political Islam. Chances are these anti-immigrant, white … Continue reading

Americans Ask The Damndest Questions!

Pack Up +Go, a Pittsburgh-based travel agency is thriving. They have sent 16,000 Americans on 8000 trips to 90 destinations since it’s inception just three years ago. Their secret? Surprise! Until the day of departure, their clients have no idea … Continue reading

Food-The World’s Nutritious Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

“Food–any nutritious substance that people eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth.” Pretty simple and today, about as outdated as milk purchased last May and poured into this morning’s coffee. Food has gone from being a nourishing … Continue reading

“The Cheaters, Dopers & Faker’s Hall of Fame.”

Rosie Ruiz died last month. A pioneer in long distance running, Rosie was the first woman to cross the finish line in the 1980 Boston Marathon. At 2.31.56, Rosie Ruiz’s time would have been the fastest ever for a female … Continue reading

Man/Kitten Cycling Story Goes Viral Then Bad

It was only six months ago that a big, burly Scot named Dean Nicholson was cycling up a hill in Bosnia when he heard a squeaky little meow. He was three months into his around-the-world by bike odyssey when he … Continue reading

Port Colborne – ”The Store-Front Car-Crash Capital Of Canada.”

It happened again! I’m looking at Page 6 of the July 25th edition of this newspaper which shows a photo that has become all too familiar to residents of the city of Port Colborne; namely the ass end of a … Continue reading