All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

In A Chaotic World, Thanks Be To The Surprise

In a world on its knees looking skyward for help but all the while anticipating the sound of a great big flush, the element of surprise has become a great distraction. Although my capacity to be shocked is being diminished … Continue reading

Ah Ha! It’s Seniors On Weed We Gotta Worry About!

With marijuana now legal in Canada and most of us were keeping a watchful eye on teenage tokers, a bunch of aging stoners crashed the party by the back door and ate everything in the fridge! Yeah, even the stuff … Continue reading

What Ever Happened To The “Ex-Lax Bandit”?

There are certain news items you read about and, no matter how much time has passed, they still stick with you like … like fecal matter to that Colon Cancer poop test form. It’s been 23 years since Barry Lyn … Continue reading

Odds & Ends And Things Off Kilter

It seems that with every rotation of the earth, it goes a tad off kilter. I’m reading my morning paper when I spot the headline in a food article set in Fort Lauderdale, Florida “Iguana called ‘chicken of the trees’. … Continue reading

Explaining Legal Marijuana To The Little Ones.

Just when parents thought “the birds and the bees” talk with the kids was behind them, up pops the next talk about “the buds and the buzz”! With the October 17 legalization of cannabis around the corner, parents are agonizing … Continue reading

The World’s Biggest Liar Contest – Trump Wins Talking Away

Last month President Donald Trump broke his own record for telling falsehoods, and that, for the third consecutive month in a row! In August he uttered a record-setting 321 false claims, according to Daniel Dale a writer for the Toronto … Continue reading

Thrill-Seeking, Selfie-Takers, High-Wire Halfwits And More

So I’m looking at this photograph in the “Life Section” of the Toronto Star of a 19-year-old kid hanging on for dear life at the end of a steel beam that juts out from a crumbling railway trestle – about … Continue reading

An Invite. A Respite. I’m In Flight. Alright… Doris!

Recently I received an invitation to speak at the Out Loud Author Series in Turner Valley/Black Diamond, Alberta. This is a small but very prestigious festival near Calgary that attracts some very notable Canadians from the world of music and … Continue reading

Esports – The New Cash Career For Kids

If you’re over 50 and reading this, you better sit down. No, not on the couch. Sit over there in the corner on an uncomfortable chair and be prepared to be confused. You know how your parents told you to … Continue reading

Michael Mantha’s News from the Park 18-09-07

While I have never claimed to be an artist or have any particular artistic skills, any lack of my own artistic talents has never prevented me from appreciating the creativity of others. A society’s arts – be they visual, musical, … Continue reading