All The World’s A Circus – William Thomas

Attention All Dogs: “No Talking!”

Did you know that there are a significant number of people in this world being paid to pick your dog’s brain? With so many therapists, telepathists and communicators claiming your pet is talking to you, it’s entirely possible that many … Continue reading

Fire, Floods, And Icebergs — The Earth Is The New Titanic

Sir David Attenborough, the most experienced environmentalist and caring naturalist on the planet opened the recent 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland last month with: “The collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the … Continue reading

“I Got Holes In My Head And They Won’t Go!”

There were more people falling down holes last week than moles. In China 149 miners survived that country’s latest coal mine disaster but 32 did not. Near Whiteville, West Virginia Cody Beverly lead two friends down into the abandoned Elk … Continue reading

“Turkey Hotline. Can I Help You?”

For 30 years America’s Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has been answering desperate pleas from thousands of not-so-good cooks about preparing and cooking North America’s favourite holiday bird. Many of these questions to the Butterball call centre are characterized as “bewildering.” I’ve … Continue reading

Whatever Happened To “Trouble?”

Before her death a decade ago, New York Hotelier Leona Helmsley was the most hated woman in America. Ruthless and conniving with business associates, tax fraud put the millionairess in jail while slapping and insulting employees put her in the … Continue reading

How To Tell If Your Minister Is Also An Atheist

Toronto minister Reverend Gretta Vosper is a brave woman. Defiantly, every Sunday morning she stands before the congregation of her West Hill United Church as both a professed atheist and an ordained minister. To me an atheist minister sounds a … Continue reading

Women Putting The Romance In Mariticide

No Angela Landsbury mind you, but novelist Nancy Crampton Brophy has published a fair bit of “Murder, She Wrote” type books. In The Wrong Cop she wrote about a woman who obsessed about killing her husband and in The Wrong … Continue reading

Wanna Be Younger By 20 Years? Easy Peasy … Math

Emile Ratelband is a senior citizen and a pretty smart guy. He’s also a professional motivational speaker which to my mind is really just an overpaid cheerleader without the pompoms. A Dutchman from Arnhem, Emile claims his good genes and … Continue reading

Snowbirds Take Heed … Florida’s Having A Nervous Breakdown.

It’s almost that time of year again when our national feathered flock hears the words “chance of flurries”. And on that given signal, which only they can hear, our Snowbirds take off for sunny climes in Florida. Right about now … Continue reading

In A Chaotic World, Thanks Be To The Surprise

In a world on its knees looking skyward for help but all the while anticipating the sound of a great big flush, the element of surprise has become a great distraction. Although my capacity to be shocked is being diminished … Continue reading