Carol Hughes’ Column

Time to stop the bleeding by reigning in credit card merchant fees

Canada recently  marked Small Business Week which featured a lot of political support for our hard-working small and medium sized businesses, but on certain fronts many supportive MPs  consistently drag their feet and even drop the ball altogether.  Nowhere is … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – One hundred years later we still remember

This Remembrance Day marks the 100th anniversary of the armistice that brought an end to the First World War.  The celebrations that followed were spontaneous and wide-spread as people in Canada saw their war-efforts bear fruit after years of sacrifice … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Many questions remain with legalization of cannabis

This week recreational cannabis became legal in Canada, and while many activists have waited for this moment, there are still a number of related issues that will preoccupy legislators, law enforcement officials, the courts, and citizens for some time.  Like … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – New USMCA will replace NAFTA but did we surrender too much?

Early last month I wrote that the NAFTA negotiations could result in a similar deal that sports a new name.  That happened over the last weekend and while there is a long way to go to ratify the United States, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Despite the promises, veterans still fighting for better service

Last week I attended a rally on the steps of Parliament organized by veterans suffering from the long-lasting effects of the anti-malarial drug Mefloquinne.  It struck me that this is becoming the new normal as veterans are forced to take … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – First Nations education funding not matching promises made

When children across the country went back to school after Labour Day, 400 elementary students in Kashechewan First Nation were forced to stay home.   In that community, a state of emergency has been called over the condition of their portable … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column- Sears pensioners’ court battles could have been avoided

We often hear how important it is for Canadians to prepare themselves for retirement.   That advice is definitely solid, but there have been instances where people have seen their preparations whither, in part or entirely, when a company fails. Yet … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – NAFTA by any other name could be the acceptable solution

When the US and Mexico announced a trade agreement signed without Canadian involvement in late August many observers were wondering if it marked the end of the North American Trade Agreement.  Adding fuel to that speculation was President Trump’s declaration … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Labour Day marks important developments and highlights current challenges

Labour Day is upon us marking the end of school vacations and the inevitable turn towards autumn.  While it is easy to focus on the day as a holiday, it is also important to remember that it celebrates numerous campaigns … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Our wild spaces require strong protection

Canada’s national, provincial and community parks are said to belong to everyone. They allow Canadians across the country to enjoy captivating landscapes and to connect with our spectacular natural heritage. We protect these spaces for the present and as a … Continue reading