Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ column – Tax evasion costs us $40 billion a year – or more

A report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer released in late June has estimated the cost of the government’s failure to reduce overseas tax evasion at a number much higher than that provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.  The PBO report … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Buying local is always a win-win

People may buy local foods for a variety of reasons but most do it because they know that eating locally means eating well. This is why you should take every opportunity to go to weekend farmers markets, roadside stands, or … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – A made in Canada solution to replace aging fighter jets

Nineteen years ago, Canada’s fleet of CF-18 fighter jets began receiving upgrades to keep them in the air until 2020.  It was believed that the CF-18s could bridge the gap until new fighter jets were acquired. With only a year … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Climate motion undone in less than a day

Recently a motion was passed in the House of Commons declaring a climate emergency in recognition of the extreme events that are challenging us more every year.  For proof of how much things have changed, consider the number of hundred-year … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Fighting plastic pollution can’t become the punch line to a social media joke

For decades we have learned how plastic is making its mark on the planet.  Whether it’s micro-plastics from our clothing and consumer goods changing the waterways we depend on, or floating mats of garbage choking the oceans, these polymer products … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Report on murdered and missing Indigenous women can’t be left to sit on a shelf

If it weren’t for the hard work of the families and advocates of thousands of Indigenous women and girls who have been murdered or gone missing in Canada there might never have been an inquiry or a report, which was … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – The government shouldn’t rush imperfect trade deal

Given that Canada and the United States are two of the world’s closest allies, it’s almost impossible to overstate how interconnected the relationship between the two countries is- naturally, that includes trade. This is why it’s important for businesses on … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Will free TV be the next to go?

Changes to how Canadians receive over the air television may be in the cards just a few short years after the switch to digital signals were ushered in. Currently, a large chunk of rural and northern Canada access free TV … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Auditor General confirms what Canadians already know about government call centres

When the Auditor General files a report, it’s rarely good news for the government. That was the case this week when the watchdog’s office reported about the ongoing problems within government call centres for departments that people rely on – … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Climate change update shows how steep the challenge is

The floods gripping parts of eastern Canada just two years after record high-water events hit many of the same locations makes it more difficult to see the sense in those who argue against climate change.  There is no doubt that … Continue reading