Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ column – Auditor General confirms what Canadians already know about government call centres

When the Auditor General files a report, it’s rarely good news for the government. That was the case this week when the watchdog’s office reported about the ongoing problems within government call centres for departments that people rely on – … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Climate change update shows how steep the challenge is

The floods gripping parts of eastern Canada just two years after record high-water events hit many of the same locations makes it more difficult to see the sense in those who argue against climate change.  There is no doubt that … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – It’s time to keep the promise made to Kashechewan

The seemingly annual flooding event that displaces residents from the community of Kashechewan to southern communities is under way.  The evacuation will move over 2,000 residents with as many as 500 going to Kapuskasing. The cost of these evacuations is … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Internet and cell costs in Canada are high by global standards

The internet and cell phones are great conveniences that have become integral parts of our daily lives.  While we may struggle with connectivity and capacity issues in the north, there is little doubt that this technology has transformed our ability … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Unpacking the federal budget

The political theatre that overshadowed the delivery of the budget may have helped insulate the government from a more complete reaction to what has been described as an unfocussed attempt to shore up support without allocating enough resources to move … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Budget offers chance to give Canadians the help they need

The federal budget will be tabled later this month offering the government its last chance to address urgent issues impacting Canadians before the next federal election.  With nearly half of all Canadians only two hundred dollars away from not being … Continue reading

International Women’s Day meant to challenge assumptions

Every year on March 8th we celebrate International Women’s Day which has its roots in the suffragette movement at the turn of the 20th century, but continues to remind us that despite many victories, there is still a lot of … Continue reading

Taking aim at single use plastics will save us money while making a real difference

When it comes to taking concrete steps that will protect the environment, North America lags behind other jurisdictions.  That said it is hard to find people who would argue against the idea of creating less waste, especially for plastics which … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Sweetheart deal for corporations at the centre of exploding allegations against the government

The surprise resignation of Jody Wilson-Raybould from cabinet this week caps a string of developments that have rocked the government with respect to their apparent cozy relationship with the Quebec-based engineering firm SNC Lavalin.  What began as the surprise demotion … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Pharmacare can’t suffer the same fate as electoral reform

It’s no secret that the cost of just getting by is going up for Canadians.  Even when we find a little relief on one front, it seems there is another way to make life more expensive to counteract that.  That’s … Continue reading