Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ Column- Sears pensioners’ court battles could have been avoided

We often hear how important it is for Canadians to prepare themselves for retirement.   That advice is definitely solid, but there have been instances where people have seen their preparations whither, in part or entirely, when a company fails. Yet … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – NAFTA by any other name could be the acceptable solution

When the US and Mexico announced a trade agreement signed without Canadian involvement in late August many observers were wondering if it marked the end of the North American Trade Agreement.  Adding fuel to that speculation was President Trump’s declaration … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Labour Day marks important developments and highlights current challenges

Labour Day is upon us marking the end of school vacations and the inevitable turn towards autumn.  While it is easy to focus on the day as a holiday, it is also important to remember that it celebrates numerous campaigns … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Our wild spaces require strong protection

Canada’s national, provincial and community parks are said to belong to everyone. They allow Canadians across the country to enjoy captivating landscapes and to connect with our spectacular natural heritage. We protect these spaces for the present and as a … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – There’s a lot we can do to help small business thrive

Jobs created in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) go a long way to making our communities, provinces, and country prosperous, but it isn’t always clear if the support these ventures need to thrive is in the immediate thoughts of … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Big money flowing for oil projects

Oil projects are in the headlines again.  One is a development story and the other is a development in a story we have been watching for months.  In both instances they show how great sums of money are available to … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Asylum seekers stories are being sensationalized

The government appointed a new minister last week to deal with asylum seekers crossing into Canada from the United States. Many are saying this won’t solve any problems and that we need to change our policy on the Safe Third … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Greyhound route cancellations highlight growing public transportation gap

When Greyhound abruptly cancelled several crucial bus routes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwestern Ontario, and rural British Columbia last week it left a gaping hole in public transportation options for many small communities.   In some ways the news is not … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – It’s easier than ever to buy local

It’s easier than ever to buy local We are lucky to live where eating locally means eating well, and including local produce makes our meals as delicious as possible. Most people who take advantage of this option feel fortunate to … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ Column – Nobody wins a trade war

Trade issues are at a boiling point as the United States instigates disputes across multiple sectors based on the notion of ‘America First’. After just a few weeks, the results have been nothing short of disastrous on both sides of … Continue reading