Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ column – Focus on stopping the spread of COVID-19

As the first week of Canada’s efforts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic settles in, the only consistency is the understanding that we are working with a moving target.  Daily briefings by the Prime Minister and key cabinet members have … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Report indicates there’s room to grow social programs

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) provides Member of Parliament (MPs) with independent analysis on the state of the nation’s finances, the government’s estimates, and trends in the Canadian economy.  The office will also provide estimates for the cost of any … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Latest coronavirus tests pandemic preparedness

The COVID 19 strain of the coronavirus has ground down travel, trade, and significant parts of the economy while public health officials try to limit its spread around the globe.  In Canada, the Minister of Health has stated that the … Continue reading

International Women’s Day celebrates diversity

International Women’s Day (Sunday March 8th) is an opportunity to celebrate change and focus on challenges that remain as we move towards a world where equality is an everyday occurrence and not something that must be strived for.  This year’s … Continue reading

Indigenous standoffs were avoidable

For the better part of a decade Canada has undertaken some important exercises with the intention of building a stronger relationship with Indigenous communities.  The Residential School Apology, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the National Inquiry into Missing and … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Democrats in US deliver NDP improvements to CUSMA trade deal

NAFTA was signed in 1994 with the promise of jobs, rising productivity, and secure access to the largest market in the world.  What it delivered for Canada was 400,000 lost manufacturing jobs and the decimation of our textile industry.  Many … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Government handouts to rich corporations continue

What is it about profitable corporations that makes governments want to pave the way for them?  Netflix doesn’t pay taxes in Canada?  No problem, they were offered a sweetheart deal to produce a meagre amount of content here which costs … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – It’s time to get down to work on the nuts and bolts of addressing climate change

Think of the technological advances that define our times.  One example is how we can send spacecraft to Mars and operate remote control vehicles to explore the planet.  This is based on the hard work of scientists.  When it comes … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – It’s time for corporate Canada to earn their tax breaks

It’s an established economic principle that people respond to incentives such as a reward for good behaviour or punishment for bad behaviour.  Most people understand this on an innate level without ever looking at the studies that backs this up.  … Continue reading

Service cuts coming home to roost

While it’s tempting to view the role of a government through the lens of big national and international issues, there is a lot of administrative work that comes with the job as well.  Ministers inherit full departments staffed with bureaucrats … Continue reading