Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ column – When will there be a vaccine?

As the pandemic moved through its early stages, a lot of hope was placed on the development of a vaccine that would enable us to get back to normal.  We were told that it could take longer than a year … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – The case for strong public investments

In case you missed it, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with its long history of concern about national debt loads, has encouraged developed countries to increase infrastructure spending in order to spur an economic recovery.  Citing a lack of private … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – The scourge of plastic waste

Plastic is everywhere in our lives.  From the straws in our drinks to the fibres that make our clothes stretch, plastic has permeated so many products that it has become a huge environmental problem.   It’s in our landfill, the oceans, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Comparisons won’t change much when it comes to combatting racism

Anyone who watched the American Presidential debate will recognize the importance of the moment that Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacism and white supremacists.  To make it even more incredulous, the President then spoke directly to the far-right group, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Government knows what it will take to pass its throne speech

The government delivered its throne speech this week and, as expected, it was filled with nice sound bites. While the chattering class in Ottawa speculates breathlessly about whether any opposition party will support it – spoiler, the Conservatives immediately said … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Government needs to remember there’s work to do

With the unexpected pandemic thrust upon us in the late winter it’s easy to forget that parliament had barely begun working in the 43rd parliament at the time.  In fact, MPs didn’t even meet until December 5th having gone through … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Tax breaks aren’t going to pay our pandemic debt

There is a lot of speculation about how we will pay for our pandemic response these days.  Incredibly, there are still some who are trotting out the tired and predictable mantra of tax-cuts as a method to stimulate and grow … Continue reading

Government sends wrong message to regions struggling for better internet

I’ve written quite a bit about the challenges we have with internet in the north for good reason.  No other technology has the power to transform our region and level the playing field of opportunity between rural and urban Canadians … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Government offers temporary fixes for long-term problems

Federal Programs change over time and not always for the better. One that has needed significant attention in recent years has been Employment Insurance (EI).  As our economy and the nature of how many of us work have changed, EI … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Women most affected by pandemic’s “she-cession”

One of the features of the pandemic has been how disproportionately it affects us.  An example of that is how racialized communities have been hit with an inordinate occurrence of COVID-19 cases.  Another is how the economic fallout from the … Continue reading