Carol Hughes’ Column

Carol Hughes’ column – Safe drinking water is a human right not a political football

If press releases and government announcements solved problems, we would be living in a country with few complaints.  The fact so many issues plague us year after year shows how the best intentions won’t get much done without appropriate resources.  … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – With historic steps, change is in the wind

Anyone paying attention to Canada recently will notice that Indigenous women have been breaking down barriers and setting precedents as they assume high-profile leadership roles.  With Rosanne Archibald winning election as Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Best tourism fix will be the border

France wants Canada to open its’ borders to its tourists after they have done the same for ours, while American’s are clamouring to enter Canada to visit their favourite vacation getaway or access their seasonal properties. That’s because Canada is … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Bus service still important for much of Canada

When Greyhound Canada announced they were cancelling all domestic bus routes this spring, the reaction may have been muted because of circumstance but the decision will have a big effect on those who relied on the service.  Travel restrictions and … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Reckoning with the tech giants and a wave of misinformation

Some of you may have heard of Bill C-10, the bill to update the Broadcasting Act to account for the digital media environment, dominated by tech giants, that has risen in the decades since the Act was last updated.  While … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – CRTC roll back on bulk internet rates a loss for consumers

Internet coverage in rural and northern Canada has been a problem for years.  While the telecommunications industry in Canada is dominated by larger players, there are plenty of re-sellers, especially in cities.  Once the city fades into the rear-view mirror, … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Canada is always changing

Last year I wrote how Canada Day is special no matter the circumstances.  It is a sentiment I maintain, but this year will test the idea even more as early summer cancellations confirm we are still working through the pandemic.  … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Making eye health and vision care a bigger priority

A 2016 survey indicated that eye health is not a top of mind concern for most parents despite the fact that vison loss is the most feared disability in Canada.  The disconnect that can be seen in that snapshot offers … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – NDP Bill would ensure dental care for millions

In Canada we are proud of our health care system. It delivers the care people need regardless of their economic status.  When compared against the American for-profit system, the benefits to the public are clear which is why we are … Continue reading

Carol Hughes’ column – Grassroots art sends a strong message as we mark Red Dress Day

If you see a red dress hanging in a public space you are witnessing a true, grassroots movement, the REDress Project.   The brainchild of visual artist Jamie Black, the REDress Project is rooted in political action that the artist witnessed … Continue reading