Mother May I?

Homemade Tzatziki

Recipe I can’t think of a better time to make this recipe with cucumbers and fresh herbs being in season. Tzatziki is a classic, Greek, cucumber, yogurt, sauce or dip that has become very popular in recent years. It traditionally … Continue reading

Blueberry Cream Muffins

Recipe My friend shared this recipe with me stating “these are the best blueberry muffins ever!” Fortunately for me, we have a blueberry patch close to our house and I had just picked a bowl of berries, so I tried … Continue reading

Blueberry Buckle

Recipe It’s blueberry season in Northern Ontario! Research suggests that wild blueberries are a legit super fruit; the skins having high concentrations of antioxidants. So they are not only delicious, but are healthy little gems growing in our forested areas, … Continue reading

Stuffed Celery Stalks

Recipe In my opinion, celery is an underrated vegetable, yet one of the most used in my house. I put it in almost everything I cook from spaghetti sauce to soups. I have a soft spot for it; when I … Continue reading

Broccoli Salad

Recipe This recipe is slightly different than the usual broccoli salad that I make. Adding the broccoli slaw gives this salad an extra crunch. You can add raisins and sunflower seeds if you wish. This is a sweet and creamy … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Topping

Recipe I love peanut butter; in fact I always say if I had to pick one food item to take to a deserted island, it would be a jar of peanut butter. Put peanut butter with ice cream and you … Continue reading

Butterscotch Confetti Squares

Recipe I’m keeping it simple today folks. I have company coming for the weekend and was looking through my recipes for an easy dessert to have on hand. I found this old, classic recipe and it’s perfect; quick to make … Continue reading

Fresh Berry Tart

Recipe A delicious fresh berry tart with a buttery, crisp, shortbread crust filled with either fresh blueberries or strawberries, (or a combination of both) and glazed with jelly. The crust compliments the flavour and texture of the fresh berries and … Continue reading

7 Layer Dip

Recipe The warmer weather is here which means more get-togethers with family and friends; and therefore it’s time to up my dip game! I often make nacho dip for our parties, but this dip goes above and beyond when you … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Rhubarb Pudding Cake Recipe

Recipe I’m not going to lie to you; I haven’t made this recipe yet. It’s been circulating around the internet and it caught my attention. Any recipe that looks like a good use for the rhubarb growing in my garden … Continue reading