Chris Gillis coming home

An Espanola paramedic who suffered life-changing injuries in a collision is returning home.

Chris Gillis of Espanola is a long-time paramedic with Manitoulin-Sudbury Social Services and a well-known volunteer in the Espanola community.

While riding his motorcycle to the Island on September 6th, 2020, he was involved in a collision with a deer fracturing his neck, but not the spinal cord, leading to what he calls a partial incomplete spinal cord injury.

Gillis says he has some movement in his upper body adding he will continue with his rehabilitation when he returns home today.

He adds he is excited to see his family, many friends and co-workers.

For anyone wanting to welcome him home, the local fire department and ambulance service will have banners and vehicles set up on the opposite side of the bridge, near Old Webbwood Road entrance in the early evening.

Keep an eye on our website for an estimated time of arrival.


PHOTO: Chris Gillis, a popular paramedic and volunteer in Espanola, is coming home. Gillis was involved with a collision with a deer in 2020 and has been undergoing rehabilitation in Sudbury and Toronto. He returns home to Espanola today where firefighters, fellow paramedics and the larger community will greet him with sirens and banners. This banner was designed and donated by A Little Bit of Everything. Photo provided – A Little Bit of Everything

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