Christmas ideas on Labour Day?

It is not too soon to think of making a special (weatherproof) decoration for a special tree out on the Black Creek Sno-Shoe Trail.
Lee Morley, the president of the Espanola Game and Fish Club and volunteer Dennis Lendrum hosted a special gathering on Labour Day to mark the introduction of a wheelchair accessible picnic table and a partial revamp of the trail to allow for full access.
Jolene Courtemanche got the honours of putting her handprints on the table and lead the group of about 50 people on the trail.
There is now a Christmas tree on the trail, and both Lendrum and Morley say with the help of volunteers and donations they plan to finish the accessibility of the trail in time for Jolene to put her decoration on it, as well as donors, in time for the Christmas season.
MPP Mike Mantha and MP Carol Hughes, not only personally contributed financially, but also with some muscle power to the project. They both gave kudos to the club and volunteers who are making this a beautiful place to be.
The Park is now used for family gatherings, hiking, picnicking, fishing and even weddings – there were ten held there so far this year.

To donate building materials or money to the project, visit
If you are interested in joining the club, visit Guy’s Auto in Espanola for purchase – $95 per year.

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