Class action lawsuit against Health Sciences North claims ‘systemic errors’ in breast cancer imaging

A class-action lawsuit launched in December claims systemic errors in breast imaging at Sudbury’s Health Sciences North.

A 2018 internal letter obtained by the law firm, Gluckstein Personal Injuries, states the surgeons at the hospital warned of an overwhelming decline in the standard of care, which impacted their ability to manage patients to an appropriate standard.

The class action, which names HSN and senior administrators, includes all patients who had breast radiology performed at HSN between 2008 and 2020.

The only patient named in the suit is Shannon Hayes, a Sudbury woman who alleges her breast cancer was missed for a year before being diagnosed after follow-up imaging at another hospital.

The firm says that it is asking those who believe they may have been impacted by the alleged issues with HSN’s breast radiology to visit their website,

Health Sciences North has not made a formal response as of press time.

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