Coronovirus jump in the numbers

The Chinese government is reporting a large jump in the number of coronavirus cases.

There have been more than 13-hundred deaths, and a total of almost 15-thousand new infections.

The increase comes as China changes the way it reports the outbreak.

People are now being diagnosed based on their symptoms, not just on lab tests.

Meantime, a cruise ship in quarantine in Yokohama, Japan, is now reporting 218 cases of the virus….at least eight of them are Canadian.

There are 37-hundred people on board, and their quarantine is to last until next Wednesday.

However, Japanese officials are allowing some elderly passengers, who have tested negative, to leave the ship and stay in government accommodation in the port city.

Meantime, another cruise ship with 22-hundred people on board has finally found refuge at a port in Cambodia.

The “Westerdam” had been turned away by five countries over fears of the coronavirus.

However, not one case has been reported aboard the vessel during its two-week cruise.

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