Could America’s Far-Right Attack On Democracy Spread North? Sorry, It’s Already Here!

Watching the vicious insurgency by a ragtag army of angry fools despoiling Washington’s seat of democracy was the most frightening television footage I have ever watched. My heart went out to 78 million Americans who just voted for President Joe Biden in a free and fair election that President Trump convinced millions of his supporters was fixed… because of course, he lost it.
There they were — out from under their rust-belt rocks wearing Viking horns and droopy beards, unmasked and frothing at the mouth as they beat retreating police with American flags – this loud and proud battalion of deplorables. America’s best-known terrorist groups were front and centre armed with Confederate flags, lynch mob ropes and plastic hand cuffs. A few wore “Camp Auschwitz” T-shirts. Trump’s Proud Boys were there, alongside the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters whose name I like to think stems from the average number of questions Trump got right on that standard cognitive test he said he “aced.”
“From these three pictures identify the lion, the camel and the hippopotamus. No sorry, the camel is the taller of the two.” In a normal democratic country this ‘stable genius’ would not rise any higher in government that an assistant to somebody else’s assistant.
Best of luck to President Joe Biden to heal and unite America. If Trump’s base of support continues to stand at 20 million delusional far-righters, he’s going to need 20 million cult deprogrammers to gently lead these lunatics back to reality.
In a ‘where were you when Kennedy was shot’ moment the Capitol Insurrection on January 6, 2021, is a day that will live in American infamy thereby dropping the attack on Pearl Harbour to second place. In war you expect the enemy to attack you; in peace you expect your president to protect you.
In a world where populist governments in Brazil, Poland, Hungary and Turkey are striking down human rights and personal freedoms in order to establish dictatorships, if you think such a vile assault on democracy cannot happen here in Canada — you haven’t been paying attention.
Candice Bergen, the Deputy Leader of the Conservative party, was recently photographed wearing Trump’s trademark “Make America Great Again” hat. A joke? She now claims it was. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s new slogan is: “Take Back Canada!” Sound like “Make America Great Again?” It does to me.
Take Canada back from what… seventy-five years of peace and prosperity? Take back Canada from a leader who has a 74% approval rating on his handling of the pandemic? Take Canada back from being voted “the best country in the world” in which to live in when it comes to quality of life for four years in a row? (Although an asterisk with the words “Unless You’re Indigenous” would have been more accurate.)
The massacre at the mosque which left six Muslims dead and 19 wounded did not happen south of the border but in a suburb of Quebec City.
So as O’Toole keeps repeating “Take Back Canada” is he tossing chum on political waters to see what scum might be lured to the surface by way of support? Because they’re here alright.
According to Barbara Perry, an expert on Canadian hate crime, there are 130 active far-right extremist groups operating across Canada including the Aryan Guard, The Blue Shirts, The Ku Klux Klan In Canada and The neo-Nazis In Canada. Alt-right rallies are held here every week in this country and these hate groups whose favourite targets are Muslims and Jews are now forming coalitions. Violent hate crimes in Canada were up by 60% between 2014 and 2017, while 85% of such crimes go unreported.
The Three Percenters, front and centre in the siege on Washington, have chapters in Alberta and Ontario. Corey Hurren, the Canadian Forces reservist and QAnon devotee, is under arrest after driving from Winnipeg to Rideau Hall in Ottawa to assassinate our prime minister. Trump’s ‘go to’ racist group, The Proud Boys, was founded by Gavin McInnes, a Canadian from Winnipeg. From the trucker in Wainfleet with the huge Trump flag, to the Patriots On Guard threatening immigrants at the the end of my street, to my emails that begin ‘You !8%!ing anti-American…” — oh yeah, they’re here alright.
The number of Trump fans in this country is estimated to be 15% of the electorate and characterized as a “drop in a bucket.” I find that frightening. A recent Angus Reid poll shows 41% of Conservative voters in Canada believe that electoral fraud in America cost Trump the presidency. I find that chilling.
Germany’s 20-year-old ‘big lie’ was that they never lost WWI and Hitler rode that popular falsehood to power. America’s ‘big lie’ was a rigged election which lead to the “Stop The Steal” assault on the Capitol. This whopper is so entrenched in the minds of his base, Trump, America’s first fuhrer, could use it to take back power in four years.
I wonder what leader will capture the weak minds and misplaced hearts of the QAnon crowd here in Canada and what great lie will he create to use as his platform of support? So far the right’s claim that Trudeau’s ‘Great Reset’ is proof he’s planning to rig the next election is just kind of lame.
Canada’s advantage against the haters is a solid educational system; so far our shield against domestic terrorism is a coast-to-coast mutual respect for each other despite our political leanings.
Folks, the ominous writing is on the wall. Let’s not wait for that message to be written with the excrement of the first barbarians through the gate as was done in the US capital.

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