Cross-Border travel into Chippewa County, Michigan

Rates of new cases in Chippewa County, Michigan continue to reflect ongoing risk of exposure from community spread according to the Algoma Health Unit.

The agency says residents of the Algoma District should avoid cross-border travel and use optional options instead, and if someone must cross the border to follow COVID-19 protocols.

The health unit says the advisory stays in effect until February 24th at which point an update will be provided.

Echoing those sentiments, Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger says stay home after a deadly weekend in the city that saw two people in the city pass away from COVID-19.

Bigger says it is imperative people stay in the Northern Bubble adding that the surge in cases in 2021 can almost all be linked to travel.

PHOTO: Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger is pushing for a Northern bubble in the wake of COVID-19 related deaths in the city. His sentiment is shared by many other mayors and community leaders across Northern Ontario. Photo supplied by City of Greater Sudbury

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