Domtar receives accolades for a ‘new’ plastic retail bag

Domtar is one of nine companies that has been selected as part of the Beyond the Bag Challenge.

The company has created a new plastic retail bag as part of the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag’s challenge.

Domtar’s Krista Kozachanco says the company has designed a material, entirely sourced from cellulose fibres, that is stretchy, strong, and lightweight, and can be recycled after its intended use.

She says the material stretches and is stronger than conventional kraft paper, is lighter and recyclable.

Domtar and the other eight winners now will work with the consortium to prototype, refine and test the viability of their designs to scale as long-term solutions.

The Domtar Mill in Espanola is leading the way in developing bio-friendly materials to use in diverse ways.

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