Elliot Lake council applying for funding to improve Collins Hall

Elliot Lake is applying for funding to upgrade Collins Hall. Originally built around 1958, the hall serves as the community’s main multi-use recreational facility.

Special Projects Manager Steven Antunes says last November, a mechanical review was carried out on the hall, and it was found many components have surpassed their operation life and require replacement.

This includes a new air handler with gas heat and air conditioning, perimeter heating upgrades and washroom HRV at an estimated cost of $270,000.

Updating lighting, renovation to bathrooms and some replacements are estimated at an additional $116,000, plus additional cost to raise the guard rail on the balcony.

The grant is listed as 100% dollars so there will be no impact to the municipality except for the cost of staff time to complete the grant and oversee the work on the facility.


Photo: The City of Elliot Lake council hopes the municipality qualifies for $500,000 in funding to make improvements to the Collins Hall. Photo provided by the City of Elliot Lake

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