Elliot Lake council approves changes to transit service

Elliot Lake council has approved the return to regular scheduled hours of transit service on Thursday and Friday evenings starting in December returning to pre-COVID-19 schedules.

Council also approved the start-up of Sunday transit service commencing the first Sunday of December as well as the installation of a bus stop on Horne Walk in the lower plaza.

Signage and, depending on use, a bus shelter, will be installed also.

The launch of the app “Where’s my Bus” will also take place in the New Year.

The City of Elliot Lake purchased a software program called GOGPS that tracks the current location of each transit bus in operation. Recently it was discovered that with the purchase of the GOGPS software is an application called ‘Where’s my Bus’ that the City hasn’t been utilizing, which when activated, allows the transit passengers to access the app with their phone or home computer, to verify the location of their bus and determine whether it’s on time or delayed.

All the buses have had plexiglass barriers installed and COVID-19 protocols are followed.

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