Elliot Lake council wants review of OPP and possible comparison with municipal policing

An Elliot Lake councillor is receiving support from his peers about the level of service the OPP is providing to the city.

Councillor Ed Pearce moved a motion last night asking for council to undertake a detailed and formal review of the contract with the OPP, specifically levels of policing in the city itself.

He went one step further suggesting council look at cost comparisons between municipal policing and OPP.

He points out that is his own preference, but his concern lies with accountability, and he wants the input that he says they are not getting right now.

In the end, council unanimously decided to go with a review asking the OPP to detail the levels of service, costs and where the money is spent as well as the role the police board plays in the community.

PHOTO: An Elliot Lake councillor wants some answers from OPP about their level of service to the city and how the police service is addressing major concerns in Elliot Lake. Photo provided by OPP and used with permission.

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