Elliot Lake plans for community cleanup

As part of Landfill Amnesty Week, the Elliot Lake landfill site will be waiving tipping fees.
Clean-up takes place between May 31st and June 5th.
There are no tipping fees, but they will be applied on June 2nd is to avoid having commercial garbage trucks wait in line as they perform curbside pickup.
Residents can bring approximately two cubic metres, roughly the equivalent of a full-size half-ton truck box at no charge.
Hazardous and special waste collection will take place tomorrow throughout the city.
For a list of acceptable waste, visit our websites.

The city collection site will be at the city public works yard and will accept:
·         Paints and stains
·         Aerosols
·         Fluorescent bulbs and tubes
·         Fire extinguishers
·         Pool chemicals
·         Pharmaceuticals
·         Sharps
·         Printer cartridges
·         Oil and oil filters
·         Automotive fluids and polishes
·         Antifreeze
·         Gasoline
·         Brake fluid
·         Power steering fluid
·         Solvents household cleaners
·         Propane cylinders (1kg)
·         Fertilizers
·         Pesticides
·         Mercury thermostats
·         Batteries (car and dry cell)

The waste site will not accept:
·         Biomedical waste
·         PCBs
·         Asbestos
·         Flares
·         Ammunition
·         Smoke detectors
·         Carbon monoxide detectors
·         Microwaves
·         Metal appliances
The waste site will be open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

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