Espanola Council Adds Fourth Fire Hall Bay For Consideration

By Rosalind Russell – The request for proposal, commonly called an RFP, for the building of a new fire hall has been amended by Espanola council.
Originally council put together the RFP at the committee of the whole meeting to include only three bays, not four, and not to retain a pumper truck.
However, following new information presented by the fire department deputy chief and member of the local fire association last night, council has amended the proposed bylaw.
At this time, 341 properties do not have hydrant service and there have been several new builds over the last few years, including 31 new residences, six commercial, one industrial and one institutional build.
Council agreed to amend the bylaw that tenders should include proposals for the design of a three bay fire hall with an optional fourth bay so an informed decision can be made on the final design.

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