Espanola Council Approves Street Name

Photo: The Yusko family were on hand for the formal opening of the new model home in the Brentwood subdivision on Thursday. The opening falls in line with council naming the new main street Yusko Crescent acknowledging the family’s contribution to Espanola. (L-r): Todd and Marcella Yusko of Quantum Builders Inc., Olivia and Adele Bishop of Olivadel Developments, Isabelle Marchand, Gabriel Godin, Corrina Bourguignon, and Jean Bisson from Desjardins Caisse Populaire.
Photo Supplied by: Olivadel Developments

A new street in the Brentwood subdivision in Espanola will be named Yusko Crescent.
Espanola council passed two motions Thursday night, December 20th: the first for reconsideration of a motion that had been turned down last week to approve the name, the second to approve the naming of the street.
The initial motion had been turned down due to procedural bylaw.
Born in Poland in 1879, Joseph Yusko was a blacksmith in the Ukraine before immigrating to Espanola in 1911 with his wife Anastasia and son, Frank, who was four at the time.
Yusko accepted a grant of 160 acres of Crown Land and over the years, the family homestead continued to be maintained by the family as it grew.
Ancestors were employed in various local businesses throughout the decades, with the most recent members of the family known for their acumen in the construction business.
The naming of the street clears the way for legally providing an address for services such as hydro billing.

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