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No second building inspector for Espanola – Espanola council did not approve the hiring of a second building inspector.
Espanola hired a second building inspector to share with other municipalities a couple of years ago.
That inspector is so busy with the outside communities, they are now not available for Espanola.
A third had been hired to cover for another who went on maternity leave, but did not return.
A request was made to hire a second inspector to alleviate some of the workload, but Councillor Heather Mallott pointed out there is an obligation to taxpayers to keep costs down.
Council decided a second inspector will not be hired and the town will have to work around the full time building inspector’s schedule to get the work done, such as building permits, inspections and other requirements of the position.

Espanola municipal hiring policy fine-tuned – There will be some exemptions to the hiring policy for filling vacancies at the Town of Espanola.
Espanola council has been dealing with the policy since last fall, but is close to the final version.
The matter came up for discussion on Tuesday night with councillors agreeing they want to review all vacant municipal hirings.
Councillor Ken Duplessis moved for an amendment exempting volunteer firefighters and casual staffers from the policy.
Council agreed and the policy will now go back to Corporate Services for final review before coming back for passage as a bylaw.

Audio surveillance removed immediately at Espanola complex – Audio surveillance will be immediately removed from the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex following a motion by Councillor Maureen Vanalstine.
Vanalstine said she was very concerned about the idea of audio surveillance at the complex and whether it is legal or not although video surveillance is clearly visible and advertised in the building.
She put a motion on the floor asking for it be to be immediately shut down after receiving an email from CAO Cynthia Townsend verifying there is audio recording at the complex.
There are council records indicating personal information obtained from the site is collected under the legal authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of 1991.
However, council will be obtaining a legal opinion on the matter and unanimously voted to shut down the audio surveillance immediately

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