Espanola Lions Bingo Around The Corner – Higher Cost But Bigger Prize Too!

There is an old adage “What goes up, must come down.” Well, try this one: “What went down about five years ago must go up!” This new theory now applies to LIONS TV BINGO CARDS.
Years ago, Espanola Lions Club member and bingo caller, Paul Zahorec, and the committee felt the price of cards for TV bingo should drop from $6.50 to $6.30 to entice more people to buy and make it easier to abide by new OLG regulations.
Alas … the time has come to raise the price of a packet of cards.
All the money goes to costs and all revenue goes to charity and local initiatives.
Lion club member Grant Lewis says the club receives more and more requests from groups and individuals for financial help.
“The Lions would like to help everyone, but because TV bingo is our main fundraiser, the money only goes so far. Their costs have also risen,” explained Lewis.
“Last year, the club gave out just over $56,000 in prizes. Some of the costs over which they have no control: telephone -$900; cards – $2,200; preparation (counting, bundling stamping and packaging of the cards $2,380; advertising $500; licence $1,680; commission to the vendors: $4,300, so it all does add up.
This year the cost will be raised to $7 per pack. But, Lewis adds the prize money will also go up.
“The $3,000 blackout with 52 numbers or less called will remain the same. However, the regular blackout prizes will now be $650.”
The Lions sincerely hope they can count on the continued support of the community as they launch BINGO 2017. The first bingo is slated for Wednesday, October 4th.
Oh, they also have a new bingo machine … so will it be your turn to yell BINGO???

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