Espanola teen petitioning for a skateboard park

A 16-year-old teen in Espanola has over half the signatures he needs on a petition asking council to consider a skateboard park for the town.

Kerrnan Legrow says he has been skateboarding for a year but has been into action sports like scootering and biking since he was seven.

He says young people in Espanola deserve a place to enjoy the activity, but because there is no designated area, they end up being kicked off properties for riding a skateboard.

He started a petition onĀ, has gathered over 615 signatures and once he reaches 1,000 plans to present his proposal to town council.

He adds he has researched a few locations adding he wants to present a plan including a fundraising goal to help cover the costs and a few designs he has come up with.

The last time there was a major push for a skateboard park in Espanola was back in 2005 and the town purchased mobile equipment to allow kids to indulge, but that equipment has not been provided in years and is in storage.

Legrow hopes to speak to council by mid-summer.


PHOTO: Sixteen-year-old Kerrnan Legrow is gathering signatures to push for a skateboard park for Espanola. He says he has gathered over 615 of the 1,000 signatures he wants to obtain before making a presentation to Espanola council in mid-summer. Photos provided by Kerrnan Legrow.

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