Espanola’s David Harrison Gets His Own Seat

By Rosalind Russell – David Harrison officially retired on Saturday, March 2 in front of a crowd of thousands.
Long-time statistician with the Sudbury Wolves and other hockey organizations, he dropped the puck, saw the unveiling of the David Harrison reporting booth and received his own permanent seat in the Sudbury arena.
Harrison handled the numbers for the Wolves for 47 years, but overall, an astounding 61 years since he wrote down his first stat back in 1957.
Congratulations on your retirement.
Photos provided by Tammy Smith

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  1. Mary-Anne Secord says:

    My son Alan and I would like to congratulate you Dave on the many years you put in as statistician for a huge number of clubs in the area as well as the Sudbury Wolves. You deserve the accolades as you always did a great job. Mary-Anne Secord and Alan.

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