First Nation members walking to Ottawa to push for Indian Act changes

Chief Vern Janvier and members of Chipewyan Prairie First Nation are on a trek to Ottawa to advocate for changes to the Indian Act.

Janvier says the group started out on July 18th and is averaging about 20 kilometres a day using the walk to raise awareness of changes needed to the Act.

He adds the trek is called the Blinding Light Walk – Tiger Lily and plans were put in place in their home reserve near Fort McMurray back in early June.

Janvier says it is time for the shackles of colonialism to be taken off the First Nations people and he plans to deliver his message on Parliament Hill.

The group is just past Mattawa and is hoping to be in Ottawa by next week.


PHOTO: Chief Vern Janvier of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation stops to give thanks to the Creator for the waters of the Ottawa River, a vital lifeline for First Nations peoples for centuries. He and several other walkers are on their way to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Photo provided by Tiger Lily – FB


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