French Catholic and French Public schools closed today

All French Catholic and French Public schools, both elementary and secondary, are closed due to a one-day walkout by teachers.

Members of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation and French Catholic elementary teachers union will be on the picket lines today in the Algoma and Sudbury districts.

The job action also affects all Grade 7&8 programs at secondary schools, Rockhaven School and adult literacy programs in the various boards.

And, next Friday, all four major education unions will be on the picket lines shutting down nearly 5,000 schools overseen by 72 school boards in the province.

The unions are protesting the lack of bargaining talks with the provincial government on the key issues of e-learning and class sizes.


Photo: French Catholic and French Public schools including those in Blind River, Elliot Lake and Espanola are shut down today due to strike action by two teachers’ unions.  Photo by Rosalind Russell

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