French Catholic teachers receive accolades for service

A Blind River teacher and another from Sudbury have been acknowledged for their continued service, not only in school, but in the larger community.

Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon board chair Andre Bidal says the board announced at their meeting last week that Shelley Cyr-Soucy, an educator at Ecole Saint-Joseph in Blind River and Mia MacDonald, a teacher at Ecole St-Denis in Sudbury, are being honoured for their commitment.

Bidal says the distinction, which is awarded to two employees each year, recognizes individuals who stand out in their role.

Cyr-Soucy is recognized for her commitment to Francophone culture, participation in the school’s fruit and vegetable program, coaching and volunteering in the parish and wider community.

MacDonald is appreciated for her work as a resource teacher at Ecole St-Denis working in collaboration with a variety of clinical care and educational professionals to support students in their learning.


PHOTO: Shelley Cyr-Soucy of Blind River and Mia MacDonald of Sudbury have been recognized for their contributions by the Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon school board. Photos provided by CSCNO


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