Giving Back To The Community – Moose Radiothon 2018

Paying back is a big part of what the Moose 99.3FM CJJM – Espanola is all about and is moreso apparent at the holiday season time of year. This is the seventh year for the VISTA Radio Million Dollar Charity Drive where all 40 sister stations host radiothons and other events to help local charities, foundations or organizations in their own area.
“The success is unparalleled,” explains CJJM Morning Host and News Anchor, Rosalind Russell. “Although the yearly goal is set at $1-million, VISTA has consistently raised between $3 to $4 million over the last few years.
“I’m proud that Espanola is part of that. Ever since the first one, which I dubbed the Sharing the Spirit campaign way back when, it is one of the biggest events we host throughout the year.
“Since the first radiothon, our charity of choice has been our very own Espanola Regional Hospital Foundation, since health care is such a high priority for our area, especially for our seniors.
“We have successfully raised thousands of dollars over the last seven years, the biggest project being the Espanola Therapeutic Park, which will be constructed this Spring for our long-term residents at the hospital site. It’s absolutely wonderful to see the community, organizations and individuals come together for such worthwhile projects,” adds Russell.
This year’s 12-hour radiothon, which runs from 6:00am to 6:00pm on Friday, December 7th at the CJJM studios at 90 Gray Street in Espanola, will focus on raising $9,000 for a new IV pump and another $6,000 for a new physio bed.
“We, perhaps, will all need these vital pieces of equipment in the future,” says Russell. “Having this life-saving IV pump available and being able to help people with physical ailments, especially if they have suffered back injuries, with the physio bed, is the focus of this year’s fundraiser.
“All donations, big and small, are welcome. We welcome everyone to drop by our studios to say hi to Mike (Dunn) and Terri (Noble) from the foundation and other special guests. And, if you would like to sing a song or two, or play an instrument, come on down and entertain our listeners.”

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