Go Fund Me set up for well known children’s advocate

A long-time children’s advocate, Tania Van Norman, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the charity she founded in the North Shore corridor despite having been diagnosed with multiple cancers.

Van Norman founded the Protect our Children, Stop Sexual Abuse advocacy charity two decades ago and says she is continuing her work despite medical treatment for metastatic Stage Four cancer of the stomach, liver, and colon.

Diagnosed in October, Van Norman says she begins radiation treatment on Monday hoping to shrink the tumours so she can have surgery for their removal.

And despite her challenges, is writing a children’s book and continuing her push for recognizing children’s rights, as well as continuing to receive support from her husband and two children.

Supporters have drawn together to begin a Go Fund Me to assist her financially with costs not covered by available programs.

For the link to the fund, visit our websites.


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