The Espanola High School Spartans held their Annual Athletic Banquet on June 10th.
Some of the winners of various athletic awards are as follows:
Colin Hood OFSAA Award – McKenna Perlin, Noah Gallant
Jr Athletes of the Year – Julia Perlin, Art Shannon, Ryan Forcier, Acadia Solomon
Sr Female Athlete of the Year Marissa Steinke, Lauranne Van Volkenburg
Sr Male Athlete of the Year – Noah Gallant, Colin Withers
Merit Trophy Recipients – Marissa Steinke, Colin Withers, Austin Hawkins, Wyatt Fremlin, Noah Gallant
Photos supplied by Tony Yachuck – Espanola High School

EHS Athletic Banquet Award Recipients 2019
Team Most Valuable Player Most Improved Player
Jr. Boys Basketball Matthew Cyr Carter Lacasse
Jr. Girls Basketball Julia Perlin Abby Huard
Sr Boys Basketball Colin Withers Austin Hawkins
Sr Girls Basketball Monikka McGregor,
Marissa Steinke Victoria Lendrum
Angel Cormier
X Country Running Noah Gallant, Emily McLeod
Braden Podlatis, Molly Gallant Ryan Forcier, Acadia Solomon
Girls Hockey Emily McLeod Nevada Anwhatin
Boys Hockey Colin Withers Logan Corbiere
Boys Soccer Matthew Cyr, Kyle Spencer
Ryleigh Labelle Teddy Trudeau
Girls Soccer Abby Huard, Acadia Solomon
Alexis McGregor, Peyton Gagnon Jordan Goodchild, Hailey McLeod
Track Noah Gallant, Brooke Brohart
Julia Perlin Ethan Lamothe, Kyara Vuorensyrja
Acadia Solomon
Jr Boys Volleyball Owen Piche Ethan Lamothe
Jr Girls Volleyball Julia Perlin Caylee Little
Sr Boys Volleyball Caleb Parks, Taylor Fowler Ryleigh Labelle
Sr Girls Volleyball Jordan Goodchild Olivia Yachuk, Monikka McGregor
Flag Football Perlin Foo Raven Shawanda
Girls Curling Maddy Soltys, Faith Emiry, Whitney Podlatis, Cori Garcia Cori Garcia
Boys Curling Noah Gallant Teddy Trudeau
Swimming Kyle Spencer, Maddy Soltys,
Noah Gallant Isaiah Robinson
Badminton Jordan Goodchild, Cole Finch,
Ryleigh Labelle Avery Graham

Novice Athletic Letters
Molly Gallant, Quinn Sheppard, Braden Podlatis, Caylee Little, Abby McGuire, Carter Lacasse, Ethan Lamothe, Austin Leclair, Craig Lepine, Kiara Morrison, Jacinta Eshkakogan, Raven Shawanda, Keagan Wabie
Jr. Athletic Letters
Naomi Hnatuik, Hailey McLeod, Cori Garcia Perez, Heidi Meier, Ryan Forcier, Avery Graham, Julia Perlin, Matt Cyr, Dylan Herbert, Josh Camillo, Owen Piche, Molly Gallant
Sr. Athletic Letters
Isaiah Robinson, Tony KoWong, Liam Morais, Kyle Preuss, Zach Richer, Cole Finch, Perlin Foo, Mason stencil, Monikka McGregor, Emily Venne, Angel Cormier, Kennedy Sintal, Acadia Solomon

Spartan Athletic Achievement Awards
Noah Gallant, Kyle Spencer, Wyatt Fremlin, Austin Hawkins, Colin Withers, Jordan Goodchild, McKenna Perlin, Alexis McGregor, Kate Sheppard, Kayah Robinson, Brooke Brohart, Olivia Yachuk, Ryleigh Labelle
Four Year Medals
Faith Emiry, Whitney Podlatis, Maddy Soltys, Noah Gallant, Kyle Spencer
Mason Stencil, Alexis McGregor, Marissa Steinke, Kyle Spencer
Rain Sagaasige, McKenna Perlin, Marissa Steinke, Taylor Fowler, Ryleigh Labelle
Tony KoWong, Liam Lacelle, Kyle Spencer, Colin Withers, Perlin Foo, Alexis McGregor, Monikka McGregor, Marissa Steinke
Perlin Foo, Jordan Goodchild, Ryleigh Laballe, Alexis McGregor, Wyatt Fremlin
Noah Gallant, Austin Hawkins, McKenna Perlin, Kennedy Sintal, Marissa Steinke, Colin Withers
XCountry Running
Isaiah Robinson, Noah Gallant, McKenna Perlin, Colin Withers

EHS Athletics Banquet 2019
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