Hospital Hosts Mock Accident Scenario

Submitted by Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre – It was an impactful morning in the ERHHC emergency department on May 29, 2018. Seventeen senior Espanola High School students attended a Mock Safe Grad Event.
The focus of this year’s Safe Grad Event was on driving while under the influence of cannabis.
The scenario for the mock drill depicted a motor vehicle accident with the driver of the vehicle “high” on cannabis. The vehicle contained the driver and a female passenger.
The scenario began with both victims (high school student actors) being brought into the emergency department by paramedics. Both victims had been prepared with makeup to suit their injuries. The female passenger was critically injured and the impaired driver sustained minor lacerations.
A team of four emergency department staff received the critically injured victim into the trauma room and began life saving measures in attempts to save her life.
The high school students were brought in to trauma room to observe the work being performed on the victim; this eventually included giving lifesaving drugs and CPR. The victim ultimately succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead.
The victims’ distraught mother (hospital staff member actor) was brought into the trauma room after her daughter was pronounced dead. This made a very significant impact for the witnessing students as they stood somberly watching the mother cry over her dead child’s body. The driver of the vehicle was also assessed by the ED staff, and was cleared medically.
Espanola Police Officer, Constable Mel Rancourt performed a sobriety test on the driver and determined that he was impaired by drugs, so he was charged with impaired driving causing death.
Constable Rancourt hand-cuffed the impaired driver and brought him to jail.
The students then followed the nurses as they brought the body to the morgue. The funeral home arrived shortly thereafter and put the body in a body bag and loaded it into the hearse and drove away.
After the scenario in the emergency department all participants and students attended a debriefing where questions were answered and reactions shared. The mock drill proved to be very insightful and left a lasting impression on attending students. The drill was also videotaped and shown over the course of a week at the high school for all students to watch.
“Driving while under the influence will change your life forever…it’s not worth it.”

Photos provided by Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre

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