Huron Shores close to inking deal for wireless Internet

Municipality of Huron Shores Mayor Georges Bilodeau has been pushing for wireless Internet for the last two years as part of a community-based broadband project, which includes 31 municipalities and 12 First Nations along the North Shore corridor.

As Chair of the Huron & Manitoulin Island Community Owned Fibre Infrastructure Corporation, he is looking for supports for over 31,000 homes, businesses and institutions in the region.

He says that comes at a cost of $150 million but half of that could come from both the province and federal governments with municipalities covering the rest.

Biladeau adds the company is in the process of completing the application for the Universal Broadband Fund Program through the federal government.

While they wait for that decision, letters of support are being sought from educational institutions, business owners and individuals.

The decisions for federal and provincial funding are expected next month.

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