Icebreaking operations starts in the North Channel 

Spring is on the way and the coast guard is starting to break ice on the big water.

Canadian Coast Guard ship ‘The Griffon’ started breaking ice on Lake Huron on Monday.

The ship is making its way to the North Channel to break ice in Fisher Harbour and Lafarge on McGregor Bay tomorrow, and onto Bruce Mines and Thessalon on Friday.

The Coast Guard recommends all recreational users to leave the ice during operations since the ice may be unstable.

The coast guard carries out the operations every Spring to allow for the movement of large ships through the waterway and into Fisher Harbour, a major shipping port stopover for the Manitoulin and North Shore corridor.


PHOTO: The Canadian Coast Guard ship, The Griffon has been providing icebreaking services for several years. It has begun its operations in local waters and will move through the North Channel tomorrow and Friday. Photo provided by Steve Hayward/Canadian Coast Guard

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