Integrity Commissioner slams two Township of North Shore councillors

Township of the North Shore Councillors Gary Gamble and Melody Rose were found to have contravened the Code of Conduct following an Integrity Commissioner investigation.

Integrity Commissioner E4M Solutions of Sault Ste. Marie presented the report earlier this month centered around three complaints.

One was about a flyer circulated by Gamble in 2019 where he sought public email responses as to whether people favoured a by-election or an appointment to choose a replacement for former Mayor Randi Condie following his resignation.

The second complaint was about them failing to sign a card showing disregard for a staff member and the third, the failure by both of them to attend municipal training sessions.

The two say the email responses to the flyer inquiry no longer exist.

As a result council passed resolutions that both are to produce respondents to the flyer to the best of their recollection and that Gamble apologize to council for failing to ask their permission to be participants in the flyer.

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