Integrity Commissioner – two Nairn councillors reprimanded

Nairn & Hyman Township council has upheld the findings of the Integrity Commissioner against two councillors but has shown leniency.

E4M Commissioner Peggy Young-Lovelace says Brigita Gingras had several breaches of the Code of Conduct; micro-managed the town staff, interfered with a property sale and also made a false allegation to the commissioner, which was unfounded.

GINGRAS will lose 90 days pay, undertake conflict resolution training, and apologize to the CAO and mayor in writing.

The commissioner also investigated allegations against councillor Rod MacDonald of contravening the Code of Conduct, overstepping his role with staff and routinely using his position to demand services from council and/or municipal employees for his personal benefit.

Council agreed to 90 days suspended pay, removed him from all standing and ad-hoc committees and agreed to establish the committee to deal with any ongoing issues.

Council will also be updating the Code of Conduct and attend training focused on conflict resolution and the legal role of council.

The Integrity Reports were released in mid-December. For the complete reports, go to:

For the follow up discussion with council, go to:

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