Lions Play Ball

By Grant Lewis – Being a “newbie” to Espanola, I often wondered why there was a Lions Club logo on the old observation booth at the ball field. What many people in town may not know, myself included, is that the Lions club was behind the construction of the now aptly named Red McCarthy Memorial Ball Fields. They used to be called the Lions Club Ball Field also aptly named. The club used volunteers to dig,to fill, to roll, and to grass. To cut costs further, much of the material was donated. Final cost was around $25,000. Two fields were built, with fencing, lighting, and observation booth with a confectionary underneath. The original plan included a wading pool but as we know the best laid plans change. In 1967, the completed A and B fields were given to the town and are still being used today. The club has sponsored and supported many events, teams, and initiatives involving baseball in town. Today, hundreds of children enjoy Minor League baseball an organization the Lions support financially.

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