Local optometrists suggest book eye exams now

Optometrists in the local area are joining with their counterparts across Ontario potentially stopping OHIP-covered eye exams in the fall.

Ontario Optometrists say they will stop conducting OHIP-covered eye exams as of September 1 unless the provincial government agrees to formal talks to boost the amount of money it pays for the exams.

Ontario Association of Optometrists president Dr. Sheldon Salaba says optometrists are paid on average $44.65 per exam, but the actual cost is more than $80 with members providing an average of 4-million exams a year.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot says they want to work with the association to find an equitable solution.

Closer to home, optometrists in Espanola are calling on residents to book their exams before the September 1st deadline or they will have to pay out of pocket until a deal is reached with the government.


PHOTO: Optometrists are advising clients to get their yearly exams booked before September 1st since they are battling with the Ontario government over eye exam fees and what they are being paid. Photo – unsplash.com

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