Malia Latendresse Doing Better Than Expected

Alexcie Dillen and Dylan Latendresse of Massey’s little girl is doing very well: Malia was born with spina befida, but her prognosis is better than hoped at this point. She had surgery on her spine shortly after birth and is healing well.
Mother Alexcie says so far she is eating good, sleeping and progressing great!
“We got some news from orthopaedics that she may not need a pelvis cast to support her hips and may not even need the casting on her feet … that everything may just correct itself.”
Alexis adds Malia’s head ultrasounds are stable, which means she doesn’t need a shunt as of right now.
Malia was born on June 20th by ‘c section’ and has been improving steadily. Ultrasound had revealed her condition before birth, so special arrangements to have her delivered at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Kids were put in place. Communities along the North Shore corridor also drew together to raise funds for the couple, since Alexcie will have to stay in Toronto for some time while her daughter continues to receive care.
Alexcie and Dylan thank everyone for their positive comments, support and prayers.
Photo: One week old Malia Latendresse is doing very well.
Malia Julianna Latendresse was born June 20, 2018 @ 9:46am weighing 6lbs 6oz in Toronto, two days ahead of her expected date of arrival.
Photo provided by Alexcie Dillen

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