Mantha supports planning grant application for retrofitting AB Ellis building

The clock is ticking on the final decision about either tearing down the AB Ellis building or retrofitting it for senior and low-income housing apartments.

Rainbow Community Non-Profit Housing spokesperson Fred Yackman says they know the proponents of the retrofit are racing against the clock to save the building.

He says they have received a letter of support from Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Mike Mantha for their application of a planning grant to move forward on the feasibility and architectural designs that have been completed so far.

The board reiterated its support of a motion to apply to the Ministry of Education for funding the demolition of the building in June.

That approval could come any day.

Yackman adds he is waiting to hear from the Rainbow District School Board to meet with the trustees and present the work done so far.

Letter of support from Mike Mantha

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