Mantha trying to find solutions to drive test backlog

Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Mike Mantha brought up the backlog in drive tests during Question Period this week.

He says with the House once again in session, he brought up the issue of the backlog, which is causing major problems.

He says many are students trying to get the G1 or G2, especially in Northern Ontario where there are not enough drive centres for testing and some are on a waiting list that extends into December of next year. 

He adds many drivers will have to start all over again because the G1 and G2 licensing expires within a set time limit. 

Mantha adds a second major problem is the high cost of insurance people waiting to be tested is carrying putting an unnecessary burden on families. 

He is hoping to see the Ford government open more centres, hire more staff for testing and extend the licencing deadlines. 

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