New treaty curriculum goes online

Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Glen Hare says the development of online treaty education resources is the next step to ensuring First Nation history, treaties and tradition education continues in Ontario schools.

He adds by making online treaty kits available ensures educators and students can continue with their treaty relationship education at home or in the classroom.

Treaty educator Kelly Crawford is working with Frame Sequence Photography to bring some of the “We are all Treaty People” teachers kit lesson plans to an online platform, but also to make the “Alex Shares his Wampum Belt” and “Dakota Talks about Treaties” connect to the Ontario curriculum.

Crawford says she wants all students to be taught the program throughout the school year.

She stresses the journey of understanding the treaty relationship and one’s role within it can be a collaborative journey with the teacher and students.

Marci Becking with Anishnabek Nation stresses the kits are not only available in schools, but to the wider public and anyone can contact the office for more information to acquire a kit.

The resources being released not only includes the “We are all Treaty People” kits, but also will include “Alex Shares his Wampum Belt” and “Dakota Talks about Treaties” to connect to the Ontario curriculum.

Greg Rickford, the Minister of Indigenous Affairs also supports the vital role of treaty education for all Ontarians.

The online treaty education resources will be available in spring of 2021.

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