Northern NDP members write VIA CEO to ask for expanded Budd Car services

For some, their only form of transportation between White River and Sudbury is by rail, specifically, the Budd Car.
However, the service has not returned to its summer schedule and Northern NDP members are seeking an expansion of the service.
Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Mike Mantha says the letter submitted by fellow MPP France Gelinas recognizes the COVID-19 status but also understands the need for people to be able to get to appointments, medical and otherwise, to buy groceries and necessities.
The train now runs north to White River on Saturday and south to Sudbury on Sunday.
However, the summer schedule runs six days of the week, back and forth on alternate days, except Monday.
The Budd train provides flag stop service to many locations between the two communities including Bisco, Chapleau, Sultan and Kormak.

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