Off To School For Another Year – Espanola Jump Day Focuses In Niners

All our local area schools have new faces this year. Espanola High School is no exception. The annual Jump Day where Niners get to find their lockers, meet teachers and figure out where their classrooms are, is always a huge success. But this year, the new principal, Kristina Rivard Gobbo, and vice-principal, Yves Poirier, also had to figure it all out.
Both addressed the students and Gobbo welcomed them to the new school.
“Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. I am thrilled to be joining the Espanola High School learning community as your new principal. Over the past two weeks it is evident that the school has a strong sense of pride, spirit and focuses on student learning and achievement.
The commitment at Espanola High School is to provide an inclusive and safe environment where everyone feels welcome and supported,” says Gobbo. “Our goal is to intellectually challenge the students to become 21st century learners that think critically, develop into innovative thinkers and problem solvers.
“Our school strives to bring out the best in each student and provide opportunities for them to give back to their community. Academics, co-curricular participation and responsible citizenship are the foundations of the school.”
She adds the staff at Espanola High School have high standards and every effort is made to ensure students are working to their full potential.
“Our mission is to bring learning to life, enabling students to fulfill their aspirations. We cherish and promote the Rainbow District School Board’s core values; honesty, respect, empathy, responsibility, integrity, courtesy, resilience, acceptance, courage and cooperation. We welcome new and returning students to the home of the Spartans and trust the continuation of your educational journey will be a positive experience,” concluded Gobbo.
Several staff members also got to address the students talking about extra-curricular programming, athletics and so much more.

Photo: Espanola High School Vice-Principal, Yves Poirier, and Principal, Kristina Rivard Gobbo, shared in Jump Day for Niners in late August. Both are excited to take on their new positions and be active members of the Espanola High community. Photo provided

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