Ontario Liberals release five-prong approach to revamping childcare

The Ontario Liberals have revealed some of their election platform, which includes changes to child care.

Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca was joined by Algoma-Manitoulin Liberal candidate Tim Vine yesterday morning to deliver a five-prong approach to revamping childcare in the province.

Del Duca says the plan includes creating a licenced $10 per day per child childcare care system with a 50 percent discount on daily childcare, equitable salary, and benefits for early childhood workers. It will also feature equalizing the 18-month maternity/paternity leave and enhancing the Child Tax Credit.

He says they are still working on whether to create a new ministry or work within the framework being proposed by the federal government.

He says previous governments have looked at creating a ministry geared specifically to child care, but they are also waiting for the federal Liberals proposed secretariat that is in the works.

Del Duca adds the early childhood workers and the colleges also make sure standards are being met and inspections of childcare centres will continue under the Liberal plan.

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