Ontario — Where The Pandemic Has Mutated Into Pandemonium!

COVID-19 joke: two cops walk into a church… and get fined $880 each. Except nobody’s laughing because it’s true.
Toronto off-duty police officers Sgt. Julie Evans and Sgt. Greg Boltyansky were charged by local police with illegally attending a gathering at the Church of God in Aylmer, Ontario. A full parking lot lead local police to the Mennonite church where far more than the legal limit of ten people were attending mass. None were wearing masks or social distancing. Yeah, I was surprised too — cops go to church?!?
Recently Alymer has seen a number of well-attended anti-mask protests with one woman carrying the sign: “I’d Rather Die Of COVID-19 Than Loneliness.” I’m thinking, if all the people in your social circle turn out to be smart, loneliness will be a problem.
One year into this pandemic and minus 24,000 people who have died from it — Ontario is still playing a dangerous game of “Whack-A-Fool.” Arrest one mook like the Adamson BBQ guy in Etobicoke and a woman opens her Peel Region gym in defiance of emergency shutdown orders. Fine ten people in a public park in Toronto and 200 attend an Air B&B party in Flamborough.
Taking a brief tour of Ontario in a health crisis and you discover an awful lot of formerly sane and reasonable people are increasingly willing to break the law and flaunt their careless character.
In Tilsonburg, Ontario, the Bridges Golf Club is operating at full capacity with a completely booked tee time schedule. Except it’s against the law. “We’re just doing what we think is right,” said course co-owner Murray McLaughlin. Really? Try that defence next time you’re stopped doing 80km in a school zone.
I know what you’re thinking… Aylmer’s only a 25-minute drive from Tilsonburg… is it the Mennonites who are golfing? No, Mennonites don’t golf and golfers don’t pray unless you’re playing ‘Nassau’ at a hundred bucks a hole.
At Waterloo’s Town Square hundreds of unmasked protesters gathered along with their children declaring masks to be dangerous and underscoring the harm to local businesses. Passing cars honked in support.
“Our right comes from God and not from the Premier of Ontario,” said one woman. Just putting those two names in the same sentence could get you ‘smoted’.
Two Ontario mayors have demonstrated very different styles of leadership. By attending a recent anti-lockdown protest in St. Catharines, West Lincoln Mayor Dave Bylsma could well be encouraging his citizens to take up ventilators in already over-crowded hospitals. Bylsma might be getting bad advice from his local MPP Sam Oosterhoff who was photographed enjoying a dinner party at a popular Chippewa restaurant back in the fall where selfies replaced masks.
While in Peterborough, Mayor Diane Therrien had some choice words for two rogue politicians, Randy Hillier and Maxime Bernier, who were planning to attend an anti-lockdown rally in her town.
“I know you boys are bored but… Stay TF at home.”
A poignant message to two conspiracy freaks who would look great wearing horns, fur hats and QAnon tattoos.
I think Mayor Therrien spoke for an entire nation of law-abiding, kindhearted Canadians when she tweeted: “These clowns don’t GAF about your well-being. And if you’re upset about my language but not upset about ENDANGERING others, well GFY!” (For the record GFY is not a charitable “Go Fund Yourself” program.)
Yikes! Diane Therrien a woman who should be prime minister right after her mother washes her mouth out with soap!
If you happen to know one of these ‘entitlement imbeciles’ don’t tell them it’s nurses and medics who are coming to Ontario’s aid. Just say the Canadian military is on it’s way… and they have guns!
So far Ontario’s protestors have not stooped to the level wild west recklessness where in Saskatoon protesters held an anti-mask “Children’s Carnival” in a public park complete with face painting, balloon animals and Hula hoops for all the little super spreaders.
So far Ontario protestors have not succumbed to the madness in Quebec where protestors destroyed and set fire to parts of Old Montreal in an attempt to show that mob violence can, at least temporarily, drown out the words of wisdom from community leaders.
Are we quickly coming to that fateful fork in the pandemic road where we will have to either make mass arrests of those willfully risking the lives of others or if their numbers increase substantially, accommodate the protests as legal gatherings with permits and police protection?
If this pandemic keeps getting magnified by more stronger and dangerous mutations — that’s what it will come to — detainment camps or public parades by healthcare deniers. Want to refuse scientific medical mandate? Fine, turn in your health card.
Ontario’s choice of its provincial bird has never been more telling… Gavia immer, the common loon.
Is there any place in Ontario where sanity and decency are front and centre in this fight for life and normalcy? Yeah, Thunder Bay. In February, Thunder Bay was suffering through one of the worst outbreaks in the province at 270 positive cases per 100,000 people. How bad is that? Toronto was at 278 cases per 100,000.
Said Dr. Adalsteinn: “The whole city came together, shut itself down, focused on the fight and got it done.” In one month Thunder Bay hammered the COVID spread down to 24.7 cases per 100,000 making for an impressive recovery worthy of replication by other provincial towns. That slogan “We’re all in this together” — at least one community in this province took that to heart.
I am staggered by the growing number of people in this province who rant and rave about their personal freedoms and charter of rights while risking the lives of their conscientious and respectful fellow citizens.
Honestly, if willful stupidity was a criminal offence our jails would be as overcrowded as our hospitals.
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